St. Louis House Update

There are so many things I should write about to catch up (camping and our going away party… which, ahem, happened two months ago), but per the usual, we’ve been so busy. Busy doing what? House Hunting!


Lucky for Kevin and I, both of my parents are real estate agents and they’ve been the bust. Every night after work and every weekend, they’ve showed us house after house.

But I guess I should backup, huh? House hunting here in St. Louis has been a little bit different than when we looked in Louisville. That’s because I grew up here and knew specifically what area I wanted to own a house in. In Louisville, we were looking at a few different areas but here in St. Louis, we were constricted (by choice) to a smaller area.

Another big challenge? This is a huge seller’s market. There’s not much on the market, which leads to bidding wars and over paying. We saw this for ourselves in Louisville when we sold our house in a few hours for way more than asking price, so we expected to have a little bit of trouble finding a home here. Even though we expected it, it was still a little disheartening to have looked at literally every single house in the area and not like any of them.

But, we were patient and finally, the perfect home for us came on the market a few weeks ago. We saw it the day it came on and put an offer on that evening. And now? We close in two weeks!

We’re so thrilled, and I can’t wait to show it off! But because it’s not our house quite yet, I don’t want to post pictures for the time being. But, I promise it’s adorable.

Just like in Louisville, we had a list of must-haves and dealbreakers. To be perfectly honest, we wanted a house very similar to the one we had in Louisville since we loved it so much. Basically, our must-haves included: three beds, two baths, a basement (finished, preferably), a garage and a great backyard for entertainment and Gracie.

This house? Has exactly that! It’s a 70-year-old ranch and has the most perfect backyard. The original hardwood floors are beautiful and the basement needs just a little bit of effort in order for it to be the perfect spot for watching movies and our favorite team’s game.

Best of all? Location, location, location! Mine and Kevin’s offices are polar opposite sides of the city. We knew we had to be somewhere in the middle and I didn’t want to live way out in the ‘burbs, so the Kirkwood/Webster Groves area was perfect for us.


We have a big list of things we want to do once we get the keys, including paint, new interior doors, changing out the light fixtures and getting the basement into shape before hockey season, but I’m so excited to get back at it! We’ve missed DIY projects and being homeowners!

Oh, and I must give my parent’s a plug because they truly are the best real estate duo in the city. I know I’m biased, but I wouldn’t go on and on and on and on if I didn’t think they were the greatest. So if you need a real estate agent in STL, give them a call!

Fall TV

Edited to add: HOW DID I FORGET GILMORE GIRLS?! I’m the worst. But really, let’s be honest, that’s what I’m looking forward to THE MOST.

Like every other basic chick out there, I am completely obsessed with fall. It’s, in my opinion, hands-down the very best season to ever exist. And one of the many, many reasons why I love fall so much is the slew of new TV shows.


So I looked through all the new shows, watched trailers and decided these are going to be the previews I’ll be tuning in for.

American Housewives (ABC) – Oct. 11/Wednesday’s at 7:30 p.m. – I don’t know about you, but this trailer had me rolling with laughter. I hope it’s as funny as the two-minute preview was!

Designated Survivor (ABC) – Sept. 21/Wednesday’s at 9 p.m. – I love political shows (The West Wing, Madam Secretary, etc.), so I was really intrigued by this show’s premise.

Kevin Can Wait (CBS) – Sept. 19/Monday’s at 7:30 p.m. – I really can’t understand why a 50-something Kevin James is retiring, but the trailer was hilarious and I have a weakness for silly comedies (The Ranch, King of Queens, etc.)

This is Us (NBC) – Sept. 20/Tuesday’s at 9 p.m. – I already hate this show because NBC canceled my beloved Parenthood and put this show out instead, but…I’ll give it a shot because

I’m also looking forward to The Walking Dead (Oct. 23/Sunday’s at 9 p.m.) and Madam Secretary (Oct. 2/Sunday’s at 8 p.m.) this year!