A Blog Post About How I Met Your Mother

So Kevin and I recently finished How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and yes, I feel the need to dedicate an entire blog post about it.



Don’t get me wrong, Friends is my ultimate favorite TV show ever. But this…this masterpiece of a sitcom…is high up there.

I don’t know how I managed to go all these years ignoring some of my friends who told me to watch it, but I’m so glad I did. So to all of you that haven’t seen it yet, buy yourself some Netflix and watch. Enjoy!

MAJOR. SPOILERS. AHEAD. You’ve been warned.



Now that I finished the ending, the first question people ask is if I like it.

Well, yes and no.

Yes because I’m so happy that Ted finally found the mother of his children and a true person to love and adore. And yes I’m happy because even though Ted got all that, he also got Robin too.

But then again no, I hated the ending because it was rushed! So rushed. I wanted to get to know the mother so much more. I also hated…HATED…that after sleeping with 200+ people, Barney knocked up some chick and we never got to know her or the baby. Like, really, writers? Really? I also really hated that they all fell apart at the end. I know it’s not realistic for them to stay best friends forever, but I felt like everything just crumbled apart at the end.

So part of me likes it. Part of me hates it.



But right now, I’m rewatching it because not only do I have a personality where I really like to rewatch shows (and movies) over and over and over again, but I really want to decide once and for all if I like it or if I don’t.

PST – here’s a few more really good TV shows to binge on if you’ve already finished HIMYM

Friday Finds

Ooooooooh man, do I have a post full of things you will envy just as much as I do. I follow a lot of bloggers who post a roundup of things they love on the internet and well, I don’t want to be left out of that party so I’m joinin’ in. Some of these are things that are realistic, some are absolutely not, but regardless, enjoy a cup of coffee or wine (5 o’clock somewhere!) and dream with me. (I’ve linked to the sources in bold below.) 

Cutest find: You had to know I’d start things off with golden retrievers. But looooook at how cuuuuuute! This picture just really really really makes me want to get Gracie a puppy brother so they can snuggle up together like this. With me in between. Of course.


Dreamiest find: This houuuuuuse! It has everything – a stoop, gorgeous windows, the perfect exterior, a little tree outside. I love it all. Maybe in my next life?


Perfect moment find: I don’t know if its because camping season is over, or if this really is a picture of my happy place, but I love everything about this image. Her tent just looks so cozy!


Peaceful find: I look at this picture and I’m all like, “does someone really live here?” because dayum. Where can I get myself one of these vacation homes?


Most beautiful kitchen find: The cabinet and wall colors are identical to what we have, and when I stumbled on this picture in Pinterest, I could finally picture what beautiful hardwoods would look like in our house. We’re this close to paying off our student loans and I think hardwoods will be an investment we make in the near future.


Most wonderful show find: HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME HOW GREAT HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER WAS? (Okay, I admit, you did. And I ignored you. I regret it deeply.) How I Met Your Mother deserves its own post, but my goodness I am obsessed with these five (+ the mother) best friends.