Half Marathon Training {November 16-22}

November 19: We had a gorgeous 50-degree day earlier this week and I was craving an outdoor run (so was Gracie!) so I raced home and tried to beat the sunset. Unfortunately, I only made it around the block before it got dark, so we hurried home. Womp, womp, winter.


November 20: Another day for a great treadmill run. This time, it was my fastest pace going a distance this far. Woo!


November 23: I know that this week technically ended on Saturday, but I didn’t get my last run in so I’m counting this one as last week’s run. I woke up with a sore throat, but I tried to not let that stop me.


Half Marathon Training {November 9-15}

November 10: Another treadmill run, and was feeling good.


November 14: I had no desire to run, but somehow managed to talk myself into going to the gym. Even once I got going, I was losing motivation so I decided to just go one mile and see how fast I could do it.


November 15: This run was the test of all runs. It was my longest run to date, and I wanted to make sure I could do it well and not feel super tired at the end. Success!