Can we talk about my weekend?

Hi. Can we just talk about my weekend for a hot minute? Yes, let’s.

I had the fantastic opportunity to work with the media at this year’s Forecastle Festival, which is an annual three day music, art and activism festival that takes place right in the heart of Louisville at the Waterfront Park. It. was. amazing. Here are some snaps from the weekend:

I had to wear a radio/earpiece that made me feel like I was in the FBI. The good part was the all access badge that pretty much made me feel like a king even though I was an absolute nobody. I also wore a fanny pack and I’m not ashamed.


The festival is nautical themed, which as many of you know, is right up my alley. Sailor gear and lifeguards everywhere!


This was my view for a lot of the day. Can’t complain too much!


When I wasn’t shuffling media around or helping Holly out (who is da bomb dot com and “first mate” of forecastle, she’s also my coworker which is how this whole thing came about for me), I got to walk around and check out some of the things going on besides music. I wonder if I can buy this boat?


We also need to talk about The Bourbon Lodge and how awesome it is. My client, Four Roses Bourbon, was one of the bourbons in the Lodge and their set up was so awesome. Check out the chandelier in the top right corner of this pic! Again, I wonder if I can buy that? (Oh and see the news station’s camera too. See? I actually worked.)


Me and my coworkers, Holly and Sarah had a blaaaaasty blast at the end of the night when Jack White came on. Which is actually what we need to talk about now.


I cannot get over this performance. Holy forecastle.


I watched the first part of the show from the view above, but then I moved to a REALLY CLUTCH SPOT for the second half. Jack White blew my mind. I can’t even.


Note to self: don’t run three miles the day before you work Forecastle Festival. Not a smooth move. I got home and crawled into bed after taking a couple Advil PM because my entire lower half of my body was thriving. (Holly, I don’t know how you’re still standing. #Champ.)

After sleeping in so late, Kev and I headed back to the festival yesterday for FUN!


The weather was beautiful. The music was great. The people were awesome. Jack White was the. best. ever. Told ya I had a good weekend.


Too bad I kicked off my week by walking into my office, seeing my bare desk and realizing I left my work laptop at home. I had to turn right back around, drive home, grab my laptop and come all the way back to the office. AGH! I call it my Forecastle hangover (even though I had two beers all weekend). WORTH IT.

Half Marathon Training {July 13-19}



July 14: It was a Monday and I was struggling at work to stay focused, so I caved and drank a Diet Coke. I don’t consume a lot of caffeine normally – just one cup of coffee with a splash of milk in the morning. I don’t like chocolate (I know, I know) and I don’t drink soda very often so staying away from caffeine isn’t very hard for me but I couldn’t resist an ice cold DC this afternoon. Well, I paid for it. This run was miserable. It was also pretty humid, which didn’t help things. I’m just glad I pushed through to make it the full two miles because I wanted to quit after two steps.


  • Mile 1 – 12:26
  • Mile 2 – 12:27


July 17: I took two nights off and this run ended up being so much easier. See my note below? “Continue to not drink soda.” Ha! I really think that’s partly what affected my Monday run so much. Anyways, this run was much easier. Although .25 miles in, I had to stop and stretch my calves – they were so tight! I had been feeling really tight after Monday’s run so I stretched a little bit, but I guess it wasn’t enough. After taking those few seconds to really stretch, the rest of the run was smooth sailing. I felt that I was able to run faster and not get as tired, making this my fastest 2 mile yet!


  • Mile 1: 12:14
  • Mile 2: 11:46


July 18: This run was my very best yet! It was sprinkling out and very cool so I wore a long sleeve shirt and shorts. In JULY! Crazy. Anyways, I had a healthy breakfast and lunch, and no soda again, so I felt good going into this run. I made sure to stretch very well beforehand and set off thinking I would try for three miles. Thirty six minutes later, I finished three miles! I couldn’t believe how good I felt! I wasn’t cramping up, my breathing was steady and my legs felt great. I’m liking where this is heading.


  • Mile 1 – 12:01
  • Mile 2 – 12:09
  • Mile 3 – 11:54


I’m making it a habit to take a picture of Grace and I after every run. She is digging the runs. The picture right after…not so much.

Anyways, in addition to these runs, we took Grace out for a few walks. Can we talk about how gorgeous this weather is? I know we’re supposed to be sweating in July but fall is my favorite and hoodie weather is the best.



And I made sure to reward myself with good beer after said walks and runs. Motivation at its finest!