Gift Guide for Him

Let me just say this nicely: Kevin’s Christmas lists always suck. He never wants anything, I swear. The only thing he wants is a new TV. Every year. Dude can’t get a new TV every year! He managed to come up with a decent list this year, which consisted of roughly three things. And even though it isn’t a long list, I thought I’d share in case any other fellas out there have a hard time coming up with things to ask for.


1. Shoes for going out (he either wears work shoes, or tennis shoes. There is no middle man here.) 2. FitBit Flex. 3. Arm Band for iPhone 6.

Gift Guide for Her

First of all, how is it already November? I say it every year, but 2014 is flying at rapid speed.

Secondly, now that it’s the holiday season, it was time for us to make our Christmas lists. Kevin’s mom shops pretty early, so we usually have to have our Christmas lists to her by September or October. It’s fine, though, because I am the world’s easiest person to shop for. I could walk into any store (really, ANY) and find something to buy. The fact that I can leave my house and not drop $100 on the regular is a miracle. Really, it is.

I usually have things in the back of my mind throughout the year on what I want to ask for, and coming up with a list this year was not challenging at all. Here’s what’s on my list:


Clockwise, starting in the top left: 1. running arm band for iPhone 5S (I’ve been using my armband for my 4 and by some miracle, my phone hasn’t fallen out.) 2. Nike running sweatshirt (We’re the morons who signed up for a half marathon in the winter.) 3. New hairdryer (Mine is a decade old and pretty much just makes my hair a frizzy mess.) 4. Sperry saltwater duck boots (Because they’re cute.)

Coming up: gift guide for the couple and gift guide for him.