$100 Worth the Wait

My parents and little brother were supposed to come to Louisville this weekend to visit and help us with some house-related projects (aka dad installing our new sliding patio door), but my mom ended up having to work so we had to reschedule. Luckily, Kevin and I had a plan B – IKEA!

It was Cincinnati’s Ikea 5 year anniversary, so they were giving away gift cards to the first 105 people in line, ranging from $5 – $500. We got up before the sun rose and got in line right around 7:30 a.m. to wait for their 9:30 a.m. opening.



It would have been worth it for the free coffee and cinnamon buns they handed out…

IMG_2580 But the $100 gift card I won made it even MORE worth it. Kevin only got a $5 gift card, but every little bit counts!

(Apparently I don’t know how to open my eyes at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning)


Did I mention breakfast and lunch were free too?

We had a list of things we wanted to make a priority and we got nearly everything purchased that we wanted!


Including a new chair for the living room! We were nervous driving it from the store to Kevin’s mom’s house, but we made it.

IMG_2591However, we weren’t so confident driving it from Cincinnati to Louisville today, so we decided to open the box when we got back to see how the packaging worked. Turns out, the parts fit in Kevin’s car without the box so we were able to bring it home today!

IMG_2594Poor Gracie had to suffer because we bought so much stuff.


Now for the real important stuff…who’s ready for Selection Sunday?! Go Valpo!

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