$15 Date Night In

Whew, it’s been a busy month! First, my grandparents came to visit, then Danny stayed with us, then our friend Peter was here for a week and all of a sudden, it’s late July! How did that happen?

Last night, Kev and I decided to have a little date night since we haven’t seen much of each other lately, but in order to save some dough, we chose to stay in – for the most part.

Making dinner and renting a movie didn’t seem like much of a special “date night” so we made it a bit more special by stopping in Whole Foods for their Saturday-night Wine & Cheese Tasting event where we sampled four different cheeses paired with four wines.

We had fun perusing the cheese section and when I saw a cheddar dedicated to the William & Kate royal baby watch, we had to buy it. Apparently, the Westminster cheese-makers sent Whole Foods a pack of blue and pink balloons with this cheese and they’ll display the appropriate color when they announce the news. Gotta love those royals!

IMG_3731 We also picked up a fresh baguette…

IMG_3732 …and a bottle of wine that we’ve never tried…

IMG_3733 …and pretty soon we had a nicer date night than just “staying in on a Saturday night.”

IMG_3735Cheers to that!

IMG_3740Wine: $8
Cheese: $4 (at $12.99/lb., we just grabbed a small chunk)
Bread: $2
Date night in: $14

P.S. We are this close to finishing The West Wing on Netflix and I’m freaking out already because that show is SO good. What should we watch next?!

P.P.S. A year ago today we were arriving in Destin, FL and four years ago today we were leaving for our Alaskan cruise. The only reason I’m not incredibly depressed over this, is because we’re heading to Cave Run Lake with Danny & Sara and Sara’s family this Wednesday! C’mon vacation!

P.P.S.S. Our wedding invitations went out this week! EEEEEK!

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