2012: The Year of Travel

Good morning, all! How was your Friday night?! Last night we had our friends Jess and Chris over for chicken tacos, margs and the movie Horrible Bosses (gets me every time). It was so fun!

You guys might hate me after I write this post because we just booked a CRUISE to go to the BAHAMAS this December and I can’t wait to talk about it!

Take me away, big beautiful ship!

With adding this cruise to our 2012 schedule, I have officially declared this year as the year of travel!

May (insane month) – Cincinnati for Kevin’s sister’s graduation and best friend Danny’s graduation
May – New York (half for work, half for fun)
May – St. Louis for my baby brother’s graduation (eek!)
May – Detroit for a friend’s wedding
May – Travel for work (destination TBA)

June – Travel for work (destination TBA)

July – DESTIN, FLORIDA! (One of my favorite places in the world! I’ll be there with Kevin and my whole family for SEVEN days!)

August – Katie’s bachelorette party in Vegas

September – Katie’s wedding in Boston

December – Cruise!

The last cruise I went on was in 2009 with my brother, grandparents and aunt to Alaska. I probably talk about it a lot because it was one of my favorite vacations ever!

And before Alaska, my whole entire family (cousins and all) went to Mexico on a cruise in 1999. I was 10-years-old, so I don’t remember it too much, but I know it was fun!

I’m also really excited for this cruise because Kevin and I are going with two of our best friends, Danny and Sara. They live in Cincinnati so we hardly get to see them, making this cruise the perfect opportunity to spend tons of time together! We even have connecting rooms – ahh!

I get nervous about cruising because I get motion sick very easily, so I usually load up on dramamine, but it doesn’t always work. I have 239 days to figure that out, though (yes, we counted). 😉

And because I talk about budgeting with a recent grad’s salary and student loans a lot, I’m sure some of you are wondering how we’re affording this, but we got a really good deal and we did a little thing called “save.” But believe me, it took a lot of “justifying” to talk myself into booking this trip. A few excuses I made were:

  • Haven’t taken a trip in awhile
  • Haven’t gone on vacation without my family (camping doesn’t count)
  • Never been to the Bahamas
  • Never get to see Danny and Sara
  • I never took a spring break trip in high school or college with friends
  • I didn’t take a “graduation trip”
  • (Is this ridiculous yet? Yes? Ok I’ll stop my illogical reasoning.)

It makes me feel better, okay?! Ha ha 😉

You know what’s coming next…Let’s Go Blues! We can win it tonight and move on to round two (and the last time that happened, I was 13-years-old. Ha!)

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6 thoughts on “2012: The Year of Travel

  1. Hey! Take me with you on your cruise! And my name is Alison, not ‘Kevin’s sister’. Just saying. anyways, can’t wait to see you guys and the puppy (even if she’s not a puppy anymore!)!

  2. I get seasick too (although not on cruise ships- I think because they are so big and I can’t feel the ocean). The solution I found though was using a patch you wear behind the ear. The medicine is called scopaderm and it works WONDERS. The only problem is is that you have to remember to put it on the day before but it lasts 2-3 days. If your cruise is longer, I think you could put on a new patch after a couple of days. When I lived in the caribbean, I could buy it OTC, but you can’t in the states, I believe. But just ask your dr for a prescription. Have fun!!

  3. Oh, and should add that unlike Dramamine, it doesn’t make you drowsy! It really is amazing! Okay, I’ll stop sounding like a drug commercial now.

    • Thanks, Laura! I actually got an ear patch for my Alaskan cruise and it made my mouth so dry I couldn’t stand it. I was actually at the pharmacy a few weeks ago and the pharmacist told the lady in front of me something new was out…so I may ask about that. Either that, or try the ear patch again.

  4. You definitely deserve to go on a cruise ! My mom and I went on a Carnival Cruise back in March so if you need any tips and/or suggestions on shore excursions or just stuff to do or bring on the boat I will be happy to oblige !

    • Thanks for agreeing with my need to justify my trip! 🙂 Ha ha. I will definitely take any/all suggestions once it gets closer!

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