Throw me a Bone Here

I know I have written a ton about Gracie lately, but poor girl just looks so miserable! (In case you’re a new reader, she had eye surgery on Monday and the dang cone is pure awful.) At least she has figured out how to get her bone and chew on it without using her paws. She gets it off one week from today!

Chi-Rish Part 3

That’s right! There’s more Chi-Rish where this and this came from!

On Sunday, we woke up and ate leftover pizza for breakfast before hitting the streets of Chicago for a trip to Navy Pier. My dad hasn’t been to downtown Chicago in years, so we wanted to take him near the lake. While we were there, we took a nice boat tour to see the skyline from the lake and ate at Harry Caray’s Tavern.

And yes, of course I wore my 2011 World Series Champion Cardinal t-shirt to Chicago.

My “baby” brother.

Me and my momma!

The whole gang! Talk about an amazing day: it was 80+ degrees, sunny and I was with my family on vacation in a beautiful city. Truly blessed!

Love these photos I took.

Now let’s get to the really good part…the food! Harry Caray’s was expensive, but let’s be real: tons of famous people go there and it’s basically on Lake Michigan. It was the only real meal we ate that day, so we didn’t mind having a couple brewszies and enjoying great food.

Brendan and I split the fresh fish tacos and boooooy were they good! Hello guac.

I’ve alluded to my love addiction to nachos before, but these nachos were hard to beat. My mom and dad ordered these as their meal (plus some wings) and I probably ate half that platter. Between the perfectly seasoned chicken, amazingly crispy nachos and glorious amounts of sour cream and jalapenos, these hit the spot.

I have a hard time looking at those pictures without my mouth watering. I better run off and make dinner! We’re having these (again)!

But before I go…

Remember about a month ago when I purchased my own domain and switched to this lovely self-hosted blog vs. WordPress? Remember that cool guy named Seth that did it all for me? Well I just wanted you remind you all that him and his wife are still looking for donations for their trip to climb Mt. Rainier in support of Big City Mountaineers, a charity that helps teach at-risk youth valuable life skills. If you want to donate to his awesome cause, go here (*disclaimer: I will get a discount if you donate, but that’s not why I’m spreading the word – I honestly think it’s really awesome).