Easter Weekend and Provel Cheese

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend! As you know, I was incredibly happy to spend Easter weekend at home with my family. Saturday morning started out with a nice brunch at home that included three different kinds of juice, eggs (with hot sauce), bacon, toast, breakfast-potato casserole, an assortment of fruit and coffee.

It was wonderful!

Instead of going golfing after seeing the movie, we invited the family (grandpa, grandpa and aunt) over to watch the Blues last regular season game. We won!

On Easter Sunday, we got up early and went through our Easter baskets. I got a new gorgeous Longchamp-like spring purse that I am obsessed with. We also received endless amounts of candy. Between Kevin and I, we are already sick to our stomachs just looking at the amount of candy we have.

I ate those Funyuns for dinner last night. I’m healthy like that.

Gracie and Nala received some goodies as well!

And Gracie enjoyed a spa day while she was at home. Her bows are sooo perrrrty!

By the end of my trip home, Gracie and Nala were bffs!

Since I had an amazingly delicious dinner last night (sarcasm, see Funyuns note above), Kevin and I needed something home cooked for dinner tonight. I didn’t feel like grocery shopping so I made my easy Spicy Chicken Panini sandwiches. These were not any ordinary Spicy Chicken Panini sandwiches. No no no. They had PROVEL CHEESE on them!

My mom bought extra provel cheese last week to send home with me so I packed a cooler and arrived in Des Moines with 1/2 a pound of amazing, delicious, melty cheese.

Never heard of provel cheese? You must not be from St. Louis. That’s okay. We put it on top of our pizza, in our salads and on sandwiches. Just read this and¬†this.¬†Understand now?

St. Louis is cool like that. We like our provel cheese. Just like we like our pork steaks, gooey butter cake and toasted ravs.

People of St. Louis like it a lot.

So do I.

And with that, I leave you with the Cardinals beating the Reds, a new episode of Gossip Girl and the longing for munching on a slice of provel cheese.