2013: What a Year!

What a year 2013 was! Between adjusting to life in Louisville, buying our first home, getting married and more – it was a whirlwind of a year! So, just like last year, let’s take a look (thanks for letting me steal this, Alyssa!):


The year 2013 actually didn’t start out quite the best. I spilled wine on my Macbook Pro and fixing it came with a hefty bill. We packed up our temporary apartment before moving to another temporary apartment since we hadn’t found a house. Good things about January: hockey came back, I saw Princess Diana’s wedding dress, I turned 24, my parents visited us in Louisville, mom and I did some wedding planning, I found my wedding dress and we offered on the house that soon became ours!



The start of February was also not so great because we found out one of our best friends was really sick. Like scared-us-to-death, we-didn’t-know-if-he’d-make-it sick. But prayer is powerful and God is good and George is better! Our crappy apartment flooded and our dishwasher broke, flooding our kitchen. But we enjoyed gorgeous spring-like weather, George improved, we had our wedding food tasting in St. Louis, I took a work trip to Dallas. Oh, and we bought a house, which included our last packing adventure, moving in and painting the whole house!



I kicked off this month with a work trip to Chicago and New York, which I extended so my best friend Katie and I could enjoy the Big Apple a bit. We started to learn what it meant to be a homeowner, I won a $100 Ikea gift card, we started the horrible process of making custom curtains, we bought a drill and did more house projects.



We made strides with wedding planning, including sending out our Save the Dates. Homeownership took a drastic turn from “this is so fun like omg we own a house” to “this sucks.” We made a custom screen for our window and celebrated that feat with Mexican food, and bought a lawnmower. We did our first Louisvillian thing and attended Thunder Over Louisville with friends. My parents came and helped us with a million house-related projects.



We sortof celebrated the Kentucky Derby and finished our curtains, two months after starting that project. I took a break from posting about wedding and house topics to post a new recipe. I went to St. Louis for a few days and celebrated Memorial Day at Home Depot and a local bar.



We kicked off the month with a trip to Cincinnati for a Reds vs. Cardinals game (the good guys won), replaced a broken kitchen faucet, tried a new-to-us Mexican restaurant in town and witnessed the engagement of our best friends! I stood in the second row at the Jack’s Mannequin (Andrew McMahon) concert and met my favorite musician ever.



My grandparents came to visit and we went to Churchill Downs for the first time. Our best friends made their move to Louisville, Kevin went to New Orleans for his bachelor party while I went to the Chicago area for my friend’s wedding. We went to Cave Run Lake with Danny & Sara’s families, went to Kevin’s cousin’s wedding and I had my first wedding shower in Cincinnati. We also did more house projects, like hanging up our bar shelves.



I had my bachelorette party in Chicago and Gracie turned two! We had friends over for a summer BBQ and did more home improvement things.



We went to San Francisco/Napa Valley for a friend’s wedding and I had a girl’s night out at a local margarita Mexican joint. We went to Ann Arbor for a friend’s wedding (if you’re keeping count: we went to 4 weddings in 2013, not including our own) and received our new camera. We also had our St. Louis wedding shower!



I posted this crock pot french dip sandwich recipe, which is a weekly favorite in our house. We extended our honeymoon two extra days because YOLO and went to St. Louis for one last wedding planning weekend. And then…for the highlight of the year, we got married! And honeymooned for a week at Disney World, and it was indeed magical.



We adjusted to “normal” life and enjoyed our first halloween as a homeowner. We celebrated dads and my own dad quit smoking. Kevin turned 25 and I started my many honeymoon recaps. We hosted our first Thanksgiving as a married couple at our house…with chicken and I posted my Crock Pot White Chicken Chili recipe.

A Disney World Honeymoon


We decorated the inside and outside of our house for Christmas, I posted about my biggest piece of wedding advice to any newly-engaged woman out there and began wedding recaps, we tried to act like we were 21 and paid for it. We sent out our first Christmas card and headed to St. Louis for Christmas.


2013 may not have started great but it sure did get better as it went. I’d have to say it was my favorite year yet! I can only imagine what 2014 will bring – stay tuned!

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