I cannot believe I’m 24.

No longer early twenties, and shoved into mid-twenties right before my eyes.

I didn’t even get carded when we went out to eat last night. That’s when you know you’re getting old.

Despite my reservations of being a day over 21, I had a great birthday, and there’s more celebrating to be had this weekend!

Danny & Sara came down Saturday and they brought me a present – Yuengling (one of my favorites!) and provel cheese (can you believe Sara found provel in Cincinnati?!)


They know me SO well!

Last night, to celebrate, Kevin and I went out to dinner downtown!


Please excuse the boxes, bags and stools that still have moving stickers on them.

We went to Garage Bar, a wood-fired pizzas and craft beer joint. Sign me up!

We started our meal with a couple of brews. Wittekerke for him, and a decently delicious draft for me of which I conveniently forgot its name.

IMG_1926 We split the mixed lettuce salad which had walnuts, apples and ricotta salata throughout. My only complaint? For $7.25, it needed to be about five times larger.

IMG_1927 We split their pepperoni pizza which had mushrooms and jalapenos. Kevin hates mushrooms and jalapenos, but I talked him into leaving the jalapenos. Best decision ever. SUCH a good combination.


My only complaint? For $13, it needed to be about five times larger.

IMG_1929 I ordered an Anchor Steam as my second beer while we considered ordering another pizza. Instead we got our bill, which came with two pieces of Bazooka gum. And with those two pieces of gum, I decided to act like a five-year-old and blow bubbles. Who wants to be 24 anyways?

IMG_1937Another sad part about turning 24, is that I had to get a new driver’s license. My Missouri license expired on my birthday and in the state of Kentucky, you cannot renew an out-of-state license if it’s expired without having to retake the whole drivers test. Now who wants to do that?

I was so sad when I got my KY license, and they snatched my MO one up before I even had the chance to stay goodbye. It’s been weird looking in my wallet the past few days.

Pro of having a Kentucky license: they don’t list your weight. Hey hey!


In all honesty, turning another year older isn’t that bad. I have had a pretty darn fantastic life so far and I’m sure the next 24 will be even better. As my dad put it so beautifully last night, I wasn’t even supposed to make it a few days in this world because I was really sick when I was born, and I need to remember to thank God everyday for the life that I was given. Life is definitely something to celebrate – even if that means wrinkles in a few years! 😉



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  1. Ah, Garage Bar. You see it and you’re like “that looks like an awesome place for 20-somethings to hang out, get good food and good beer” and then you show up and you’re like “what freaking 20-something has enough money to regularly eat/drink here?!” We went with med students last semester and Kevin about sh*t himself when he saw the prices.

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