How in the world am I 25-years-old? It makes me feel better to say that I really don’t feel that age. I feel much younger…most days…when I’m not on day two of hangover recovery.  🙂


My birthday was on a Wednesday so we celebrated Tuesday and Wednesday as much as we could. Tuesday, we saw Lone Survivor with friends and while its an excellent movie, I don’t think I want to see it again. I cried the entire second half! It truly makes me appreciate our servicemen and women even more than I already do. (Also: Tim Riggins!)

Last night, Kev took me out to dinner to my faaaavorite local place: Mussel & Burger Bar! We kicked things off with a few beers.


And their mini taquito appetizer.


I got the same thing I always get, their Good Ole burger and sweet potato fries. The beeeest!


We came home and my little family sang happy birthday to me as we ate some Dairy Queen blizzards. Then, I opened my presents!

My parents got me this adorable duffle bag with my new last name monogrammed on it! I also received a new pair of running shoes from them – woot, woot! I suppose this is step one to start liking running, huh?


Kevin got me something high up on my wish list: a sander! I have quite a few projects up my sleeve and I can’t wait to break this bad boy out.


The night ended with the best snap chat from my mom, dad and Nala ever. Love them!


Thank you to my family, friends and everyone who wished me a very happy birthday! It was a great one indeed!

I’m headed to D.C. tomorrow for work – can we all please say a big fat prayer right now that this doesn’t happen? I’m still recovering from last weekend’s disaster!

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