A Blonde’s Version of The (Accidental) Amazing Race

Let me start off by saying Breaking Dawn was good. Actually GOOD. Like most fans of the series, I read the books before the movies and loved them, but always thought the movies were so-so. Not this movie.

Sara came down from Cincinnati to see the movie with me and stay overnight. The night went according to plan, starting off with dinner at the Bluegrass Brewing Company (both Sara and I were not impressed with their beer – sad) before the movie. The movie was great and I dug in my purse for my car keys as soon as the movie was over.

Couldn’t find them.

So I used the flashlight app on my phone to look around the theater.

My phone died.

So we got on our hands and knees in the theater (gross) to look for my keys. Nothing!

Looked in the bathroom and retraced my steps through the theater. Nothing!

Looked in my car.


In. the. ignition.

This is the third time in my life I’ve done this. It’s getting a little old.

So Sara and I thought a nice friendly cop that happened to be helping with security would be able to use a tool to get into my car, but apparently they don’t do things like that anymore? We considered using her parent’s AAA service, but she didn’t have her card with her.

After a handful more obstacles, Sara and I called for a cab to drive us to Sara’s car at my apartment, so we could then drive to Kevin’s work (where he was) to get his key to our apartment, so I could get in, get my spare car key, and drive back to the theater so we could get my car. Did we mention Sara’s phone almost died too?

It only took us 2.5 hours to get back to my apartment after the movie ended.

It was quite the adventure. We felt like we were on a version of The Amazing Race since we had so many obstacles! It was definitely laughable. Poor Sara. I’m so sorry.

After Sara left, I packed up bags and left for a one-day trip to Richmond, VA for work. And this is most definitely happening right now.

And I’m loving every piece of it.


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