A Cincinnati Wedding Shower

I can’t believe our wedding is close enough to start having showers for it! Kevin’s sister, Alison, hosted a shower for me with his side of the family last weekend and it was wonderful plus some. My mom, grandma Bladdick and aunt also came in town for it! I’m so lucky to have such a great family that I’m marrying into!

We ate, drank, played fun games (I got 100% on the family matching game!), and opened gifts. Kevin and I are so grateful for everything that we received – from the lovely homemade “Deitsch” sign (my soon-to-be last name) and photo quilt (photos below), to the fun kitchen and bar gadgets off our registries. We love it all!

I didn’t take a single photo, and all of these are from my mom’s ancient blackberry (sorry, ma – but you need to upgrade).

IMG-20130728-00912 IMG-20130728-00913 IMG-20130728-00917 IMG-20130728-00918 IMG-20130728-00919

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