A Day Late and a Dollar Short, Lately

My grandparents frequently said the phrase, “a day late and a dollar short” and even though I’d consider myself a pretty organized person, my life has felt like I’m living that saying to its fullest extent. Perhaps it’s just taken me awhile to get back to real life after losing my grandpa, or maybe work is busier than normal, but I have really, really sucked at blogging lately. And I feel bad about it.

So in today’s post, we’re going to back track all the way to May 5, otherwise known as my favorite holiday ever – Cinco de Mayo.


We headed out to dinner with friends to our favorite, El Torazo, and indulged in delicious food and two-for-one margs.


I really really wish I had a better picture, but they had a guy come around to each table with complimentary tequila shots…out of a spraying contraption of sorts. And it. was. awesome.


Last weekend, we headed up to Cincinnati because I had a client meeting and we wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day with Kevin’s mom. But first! We met with Danny & Sara (and Molly!, who my brother’s girlfriend who also happens to be Sara’s sister), to chow on some seriously good sushi at Cloud 9. We considered it Sara’s farewell dinner since she headed off to Buffalo for the summer for her school OT rotation the following day.


On Friday, I worked from Kev’s mom’s house between my client meetings and it was like the good ole days of working from home with my favorite coworker of all time (sorry BCHers).


Later that night, we went out to dinner downtown with Kev’s family.


On Saturday, we were out and about and headed to Cincinnati Premium Outlets (the client I was up there for) to do a bit of shopping. I found a pair of adorable work pixie pants from Banana Republic Factory Store for $7.50! Here is a similar pair.


We stayed in on Saturday night and played games, ate Chipotle, watched some TV and went to bed early. IMG_1170

We didn’t go straight home on Sunday…we made a pit stop at a few show homes to be nosey and look at how other people live. Nosey is my middle name after all. But seriously, look at this bathroom.

And this shower. It was half the size of my garage, not even only slightly exaggerating.


Unexpectedly, parts of the highway to get back across the bridge were shut down so we got to take the ferry across the Ohio river. Sorta fun and unique, I suppose.


But eventually, we made it back to good ole Louisville, just in time to get ready for the work week ahead. IMG_1185

Happy (almost) Friday!

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