A Few Things

Guys…I’ve had a rough couple of days. I’m not one to complain on the blog (just mostly in real life), but sometimes you just have those days weeks.

When we were in Destin, I was super careful about wearing my ring. You know, it’s brand new (I had only had it for three weeks at this point) so I didn’t wear it to the beach or in the water. On Friday, we were sitting down for lunch and my grandma complimented my ring. I looked down and noticed right away that a diamond was missing! It was one of the side diamonds (thankfully not the center stone or side baguette), but I still freaked out.

I began frantically looking for it, but there was no chance of me finding the diamond in our condo. I immediately called Iowa Diamond (where Kevin bought bought my ring) and they told me to bring it in when I get back and they’ll take a look.

When I dropped my ring off last week, they told me that this should not have happened and they were going to fix it right away. I picked it up yesterday at 2:30 and was so giddy to have my ring back on my finger.

But when I was driving home from work at 5:30 (just three hours after picking it up), I noticed ANOTHER diamond fell out. I was not having it. So I called and the poor guy that answered was greeted with Angry/Pissed/Crying Gabby (I think he’s scarred for life). I explained yelled that my mom has had her ring for 25 years and my grandma has had her ring for 55 (almost?) years and a diamond had never fallen out. I had my ring for less than a month and two diamonds had fallen out! It was not acceptable.

Crabby Gabby.

Iowa Diamond agreed and they were so accommodating. I was a bawling mess inside their office (seriously, he’s scarred for life I’m sure) but they’re definitely doing everything they can to take care of us. The solution right now is that the ring manufacturer is making me a whole new ring from scratch. It will take 3-4 weeks to get in, and the manufacturer originally wanted me to send my ring to them in the meantime. Thankfully, Iowa Diamond told them no and said I deserve to wear my ring (even with a missing diamond) so I get to keep it until the brand new one comes in!

It’s just too pretty and means too much to me and Kevin for us to not have it for nearly a month.

Do you spy the missing diamond?

It just really breaks my heart because Kevin saved up for a very long time to buy me a ring. He spent too much money, too much time picking it out and put too much love and thought into our engagement for this to happen. I can tell it really upset him, so we’re both glad that Iowa Diamond is doing everything to make it right.

Aside from that drama, I misplaced my work cell phone while traveling back from Scottsdale. Yep. Lost. Gone. Called Delta, the airports, friends and did everything possible to find it but it’s nowhere to be found. Luckily, it was due for an upgrade and my boss was very forgiving, but I still feel like such an irresponsible person for losing a valuable piece of work equipment.

And if you watch any sort of news, you likely know why this week has been such a suck-fest for me.

Even though this week has been exhausting and a few bad things have happened, I’m still thankful for all that I have. I’m lucky enough to have found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and have a ring, even if it is broken. And even though work has been challenging, I’m thankful that I have a job that teaches me something new each and every day.

And instead of just moping around, Kev and I have done a few really fun things these last couple of days! Last night, we met some friends at the Blank Park Zoo for Zoo Brew! It was mine and Kevin’s first time visiting the zoo and we had a blast (even though I’m not a “zoo person” but that’s a story for another time).

Then we headed downtown for some late-night grub.

El Bait Shop / High Life Lounge is one of my favorite places in Des Moines. The beer menu is so impressive and High Life’s food is dirt cheap.

El Bait Shop has about a billion different beers to offer and I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Our waiter asked what I usually liked to drink and I told him I was a fan of fruit beer (especially Brown Brewing Co.’s Raspberry Cherry Ale, Ferguson Brewery’s Peach Wheat) so he suggested Lost Coast’s Apricot Wheat.

Ashley and I were fans!

Pretty much everyone opted for the $3.75 burger basket, but I had to get their fried pickles (with ranch, of course). They’re too good to pass up! Kev got the shrimp tacos which were delicious – I may have to switch it up next time.

We had a blast last night and an even better afternoon today! I’m traveling for work this weekend so I had a comp day to use which I decided to use today. Kevin was off and we wanted to watch the U.S. Women’s Soccer gold medal game. We’re huge fans of those girls (remember when we went to watch them play Canada in KC last Sept.?) so we headed to Wellman’s to grab some beers and bar food to watch. (Remember Wellman’s?!)

Yes, that’s a Megan Rapinoe (she’s #15) shirt. I got it at Nike: http://reviews.nike.com/9191/7402US4/us-soccer-megan-rapinoe-hair-womens-t-shirt-reviews/reviews.htm

Wellman’s nachos are the best! At least top five.

Now I’m off to my softball game tonight!

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