A Kappa Wedding

My second-to-last trip in May was to Detroit, Michigan for a friend’s wedding.

You know I love weddings. Maybe a little too much.

I always tear up when the bride walks down the aisle (did that at Steph and Mark’s wedding too), wedding cake is delish and you can only tear me and my friends off the dance floor to refill our drinks. I love everything about weddings!

Getting to Detroit from Des Moines was no easy feat. I thought about flying, but the airline thieves wanted more than $500 round trip. No thank you.

99.99999% of the time I absolutely hate that all my friends live so far away from each other, but when a friend’s wedding is 12+ hours away, I like our distance .000001% of the time. We figured out a massive car pool situation that worked out perfectly! It went like so:

Gabby drove to Davenport to pick up Rachel E. Bacher drove to Joliet to meet Jacc to meet Gabby and Rachel E. The four of us drove to Benton Harbor to stay the night with Jackie K. who was also housing Emily. Then, the six of us drove to Utica, Michigan for the wedding. On Sunday, we did the same thing in reverse. Just picture a line going from the middle of Iowa, through Illinois, the top portion of Indiana and most of Michigan.

The wedding was totally worth the trip! The ceremony was beautiful, the food was fantastic and the reception was an absolute blast!

Kappas reunited at last!

Katie and I! I can’t wait for her wedding in September!

Cheers to being in the same city for the first time in more than a year!


The happy couple!

I never thought I’d say I miss Scheele. Showering with flip flops, dragging my laundry down five flights, no AC and all.

And it wouldn’t be a wedding without an awesome shuttle bus to take us all back to the hotel. THAT was fantastic.

Congratulations Rachel and Patrick! Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day!

Only 88 days until Katie’s wedding and we’re all reunited again. 🙂

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