A Large Life Update

A large life update is due and truthfully, I don’t have time for one at the moment so for now, we’re just going to fly through it with brief update – mostly so in 10 years, I can remember what the summer of 2016 was like since it’s going by at warp speed.

1. We moved. This will obviously get its own post (probably in six months when life slows down), but for the sake of this post, the move took two days and all of our stuff is in either Pennsylvania or South Carolina on that very truck. Not stressful at all.


2. We threw ourselves a bad ass going away party before we moved. It was one of my favorite nights ever. Way more on that (from what I can remember 😉 #bourbon) later.


3. We went floatin’! We somehow managed to find a weekend that the Piller’s, Boiman’s, Bladdick’s and Deitsches could all get together for a weekend camping/floating trip. As you can imagine, it was entirely too much fun.


4. We moved to St. Louis! We’re sort of situated in our temporary housing. Meaning, my suitcase is unpacked, but I still haven’t gone to the grocery store. We’ve been spending all of our free time house hunting, which brings me to…


5. The house hunt has begun. And it’s ever so real. Very long story short: we haven’t found anything we liked (yet), and it’s pretty frustrating. But, we’re trying to stay positive that the right home is out there for us. And yes, that’s my mom! She’s a realtor (and she’s the best) so g’on and give her a call if you’re buying or selling.


6. I saved the best for last…one of my best friends in the whole world got engaged this past weekend! I’m so thrilled for her, I can hardly stand it.


Aaaaaaand that’s life lately. Not included: Forecastle Festival, fun nights with friends, Gracie’s fifth birthday (which is today!) and much, much more.

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