A Little Catch Up

It’s been awhile, eh!? Been a tad busy ’round these parts. Between starting a new job, dealing with baby spider infestation (no, really), having my car in the shop (all good now) and more, little time has been leftover for ye here blog. No worries, I’m back with a quick recap.

New Job

I love it. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. I’m learning a lot and the people are great. The perks aren’t half bad either. (This was for a client, I swear.)



Color Run 5K

My baby bro and Sara’s sisters came in town and we all ran the Louisville Color Run 5k a few weeks ago. While quite fun, it took approximately two hours of Dawn soap baths with a hose in our backyard to get clean, plus a few normal showers. I was still finding blue all over me three days later.





Downs After Dark

Sometimes Kevin and I forget that we have basically the most famous race track in our backyard. We decided to venture out for the first Churchill Downs After Dark event and we had a great time, despite becoming SO CLOSE two different times to winning some big bucks. (By big bucks, I mean like $40.) I was so close on a boxed exacta, that I went up to cash in my ticket only to be told that one of my winning horses was disqualified after they crossed the finish line. Womp womp!




In other news

My husband has been glued to the TV watching the World Cup and we went out for the first USA game to a local bar. We were pleasantly surprised to see how many USA fans were out and about!



On Friday night, Kev and I went to the Iroquois Amphitheater for the Broken Bells concert. Pretty entertaining, but not my favorite or anything.


Since my “training” for the 5K is over, I have tried to keep up running a couple of miles per week just to not get back into that slump that I was dealing with a couple of months ago. Gracie isn’t complaining.


Bachelorette Party

And most recently, I went to one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties in downtown Cincinnati. Our hotel was so swanky!


We all had an awesome time, especially the bride-to-be, Sara.


And those are the only two pictures I’ll be publicly sharing from that night. 😉

It took me a few days to recover and we’re just getting back into this week’s routine, adjusting to Kevin’s always-changing work schedule and spending way too much time watching the World Cup. GO USA, in advance and have a great week!

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