A Mansion Tour

I really thought today was it. I thought today was going to be the day where we finally (FINALLY) had a solution to all of our curtain problems and we’d officially become a trash bag drape free home.


Got the fabric home from Hobby Lobby and realized they cut four yards minus one foot. Um hello, I ordered FOUR EFFING YARDS OF FABRIC. Not four yards minus a foot.

I WAS LIVID. But then I laughed because LIT’RALLY this curtain hanging process has been the biggest disaster ever. I mean we painted our huge ceilings (20 ft. or something like that) and whole house (except for two rooms) in less than a week and we installed a new patio door with no problems. Except curtains are the biggest pain in the arse ever. Who knew?

I’ll be back, Hobby Lobby. You lil ole ladies working better WATCH OUT because I’m coming back for my extra foot ya hear.

Speaking of beautiful houses, Kev and I toured a new mansion in northern Kentucky when we were up in Cincinnati this past weekend. We went with Kevin’s mom and aunt and I think I said “omg” 500 times after walking through this bad boy. Let’s take a tour, shall we? (It’s still under construction)

This is the entrance. I mean, what?

IMG_3048 Can we look at the copper? This is when I began drooling. Me + copper = love foreva. (My family always did say I had expensive taste.)

IMG_3049 Heyyyyyy chandelier that’s bigger than my bedroom. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

IMG_3050 Oh and here’s another view from the upstairs balcony.

IMG_3051 This is the two-story library. Apparently it took the dude 4 months to treat and create all the details in this wood. We talked to him for a few minutes, and then he handed Kevin’s mom and aunt his card. They laughed in his face. (Yeah okay because we look like the kind of people that can afford this.)

IMG_3052 We toured two bedrooms upstairs which were glorious, and then we got to the best room in the house – the master bedroom. Take a look at this HUGE shower! It is apparently meant for six people but I mean, you could totally fit like 20.

IMG_3053 Oh and this is the infinity pool which is accessible from living room #1, living room #2, the “man cave,” the master bedroom and the kitchen.

IMG_3054 Speaking of the man cave, this is the bar.

IMG_3055 And here’s a view of the man cave looking at the door. I’m obsessed with that archway. (PS see that man in the baseball hat by the door? He’s a Cards fan who married into a Reds family. We got along great.)

IMG_3056 Here’s another view of the man cave. It had three TVs in this room. THREE in ONE room. I have two TVs in my whole house.

IMG_3057 This patio was my 2nd favorite part of the house because the doors leading to the house from the patio are accordian style, which means they’ll collapse all the way to make it one big open space. And the entry ways from the porch to the outside have collapsable screen doors that can be activated with a switch if it starts to rain.

IMG_3058 Sometimes it makes me sad when someone’s outdoor kitchen is better than any kitchen I’ll ever have.

IMG_3059 Oh and of course there is a movie theater with LED lights on the ceiling.

IMG_3060Not pictured: the built-in closets in each room that were ah-mazing, the basement wine cellar (wasn’t complete yet), the 4-car garage and the kitchen (style wasn’t my cup of tea so I forgot to take pictures).

I mean, wow, what a house.

Apparently there was speculation that the owner is Nick Lachey, but the senior designer of the house quickly shot that rumor down and said it was just an attorney and his wife. Well shoot, if I would have known, I would have taken the LSAT. Hmph.

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