A Pizza Celebration

Last night, Kev and I went out to dinner to grab a pie in honor of his dad (the guy loved his deep dish pizza). We enjoy celebrating his life and we’ve been doing so for the past five years now every Nov. 7!

We went to the local Impellizzeri’s with the hopes of finding a delish deep dish and we were certainly not disappointed.

Kevin and I have this awful problem where our eyes are bigger than our stomachs (I’m the worst at this) and we order way too much food. Every. Single. Time. Good thing we like leftovers.

Let me tell you about these breadsticks for a hot minute.

They were warm.

They were gooey.

They had garlic all over them.

And they were doused in butter. Doused.

Let’s get a better look, shall we? Can we look at this buttery goodness?

We resisted eating all the breadsticks to save room for our pizza. Pepperoni deep dish for us!

Pretty good, but the breadsticks were the real winners of the night.

24 hours after eating at this place and we’ve brought up the breadsticks at least five times. Ever in Louisville? Go here and get the breadsticks. You will thank me one bite later.

After eating my weight in butter, I feel the need to run again.

I’m dying to sign up for a Virtual Race for Hurricane Sandy created by bloggers Lora and Kara. I found out about this from Ashley over at Running Bun. I know we can all donate money and send clothes and pray/think about the victims, but I just want to get out there and actually DO something for these people who’ve lost so much. Hopefully by running in a virtual race for Sandy victims will make me feel like I’m DOING something more to help. Now I have to find a race to sign up for!


Tomorrow I’m leaving for Champaign for work, which I would normally not look forward to very much, but my friend Bacher is meeting me there!! Our plan for the night is to watch Friends in our hotel room and go through wedding magazines. I. Cannot. Wait.


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