A Relaxing Weekend

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your kind, sweet words and congratulatory messages to Kevin and I this week on our engagement!! It means so much to us!!

It’s hard to believe that we’re actually getting married…I’m almost in disbelief! I mean I can hardly drive because I keep staring at my finger! That can’t be safe.

Yesterday we got two adorable “happy engagement” cards in the mail and I ripped them both open before even walking in the house. Poor Kevin! Ha ha I felt like Monica from Friends in this episode. “I AM OUTTA CONTROL!” Makes me laugh every time. I’ll try to control myself next time. 🙂

At least I didn’t do this…

That might be one of my favorite episodes. Who am I kidding…they’re all my favorite!

As far as wedding planning goes…we haven’t even discussed it to be honest! We’re just taking our time and enjoying this special part of our lives! The only thing we did discuss was creating a wedding website. I know there are a ton of free templates out there, but Kevin wants to learn web design, so I think we’ll be creating something of our own, which means it may be quite awhile before we have anything to share. Plus, I really don’t want to make this blog a “wedding” blog. I’ve enjoyed writing about our daily lives here and I want to continue to do that, with a little bit of wedding stuff here and there. Don’t worry – I’ll keep ya posted, though!

So before getting engaged and all of that fun stuff, Kevin and I had an awesome night with our friends Jess, Chris and friend from out of town a few weeks ago. I really wanted to share because we went to a couple of awesome local places!

After our softball game, we went to Fong’s Pizza downtown. I had heard a ton of great things about this local favorite and I was so happy to finally go.

We shared a couple pitches of beer and Jess ordered one of their famous cocktails. Yum!

Deciding on which pizzas to order was by far the hardest decision I had faced all day! We ultimately decided on getting a Buffalo Chicken Pizza (which is what prompted me to make our own last week) and the 4th Street Special (minus the black olives). Both were devoured in minutes!

I barely got the chance to snap a picture.

After Fong’s, we walked over to Hessen Haus, “central Iowa’s only authentic German bier hall.” It was my first time there and it’s now one of my favorite bars in the area!

We did two “das boots” which were so fun!

Finally, after Hessen Haus, we headed over to Mickey’s Irish Pub for another round of beers, but I didn’t take any pictures of that. We weren’t there for too long anyways!

We had a great evening out and about exploring three new places in Des Moines! After our fun night out, Kevin and I left for camping with Danny and Sara the following day! I’ll write more about camping tomorrow as this post is already pretty long. 🙂

Both Kevin and I came down with some sort of illness…I have a sinus infection/cold and Kevin has a headache/sore throat thing. Both of us are thankful that we got sick this week instead of last weekend or in two weeks before we go to DESTIN for vacation! Having a sinus infection is really no surprise for me. I have had surgery on my sinuses because I used to get sinus infections all the time. Now they are much more infrequent, but they still suck when I come down with one. Nothing some Day/Night Quil, Vick’s, Neti Pots, Gatorade, chicken noodle soup, wedding magazines and tons of chick flicks won’t cure!

I just finished watching the movie “Friends with Money” and thought it was okay. I was more amused that the guy in the movie also plays Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter than the plot of the movie itself. I’m really excited to watch “When Harry Met Sally” and “The Help.” I know, I know…I’m the worst girl ever for never seeing “When Harry Met Sally” before. That will change tonight!

Off to pop that in the DVD player, break open some wedding magazines and cuddle with the pup. 🙂

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