A St. Louis Wedding Shower

Part two from this weekend recap!

Once again, I was SUPER great at taking photos at one of my bridal shower. So good, in fact I took a whopping zero photos. I was having too much fun to stop and take pictures of it!

It was Mexican themed and my aunt Pam Bladdick and cousins Debbie, Kelly and Katie did such a wonderful job planning and decorating everything. The cute little salsa favors were my favorite!

After eating a delicious Mexican food spread and playing a couple of fun games, including one where mine and Kevin’s heads were on famous couple’s bodies and we had to match the couple, we opened some great and very generous gifts from our family and friends.

IMG_4267 Kevin showed up just in time to help unwrap some gifts!

IMG_4269 IMG_4270 We got so many great things and we’re so thankful! We cannot wait for my parent’s to come visit us after the wedding so we can actually utilize these gifts – most are still sitting at my parent’s house because it wouldn’t all fit in our car!

So now the showers are over (here’s my Cincinnati shower recap, in case ya missed it) and the bachelor/bachelorette parties (my bachelorette party recap I, recap II)…there must be a wedding right around the corner! 😉


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