A Summer BBQ

We’re gonna take it waaaaay back here.

The Wednesday before my bachelorette party, Kev and I had our friends Danny, Sara, Kevin and Kirsten over. (My) Kevin, Danny, Sara, Kirsten and Kirsten’s Kevin have all known each other since freshman year of high school (in fact, Danny & Sara and Kevin & Kirsten have been DATING since that long too!) and we all, somehow, managed to wind up in Louisville. Small world!

We were planning on having an amazing summer BBQ feast but it rained, so we moved the party inside, including the vodka lemonades I made.

Proportionally following this recipe, I only changed the real lemons for the fake stuff.  Couldn’t taste the vodka.


We used the vodka that came in a gigantic basket full of barware goodies from Kevin’s Aunt Carol. You know us too well, Aunt Carol. 😉

IMG_3862No get together is a good one without chips and salsa. (PS we got this awesome chip-and-dip server at our wedding shower from Kevin’s cousin. We love it, Kim!)

IMG_3866 I didn’t get a full picture of our spread, but we had your favorite summertime staples: garden salad, burgers, brats, mac n cheese, tomatoes and sweet corn. That just speaks summer.


Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, at least we can say we had one great summer BBQ in 2013!

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