A Very Merry Christmas

Hello and Merry (belated) Christmas! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday – I know I sure did!

I’m still basking in this time off I’ve had from work. We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise vacation with friends and celebrating Christmas with both of our families. I’ll probably split the cruise recap up into a few different posts, so for now I’ll just recap our Christmas holiday!

Once we got back from our cruise, we immediately got into the Christmas spirit with my family in St. Louis.

My mom, a mail carrier, brought a few cards home for Santa that she got. How cute is that?!


We drank good beer.

IMG_1442 And ate good food.

If you’re ever in St. Louis (or live there), we highly recommend eating at Angelo’s Pizzeria in the Florissant/Black Jack area. We always order carry-out and it never disappoints. It’s perfectly thin and crunchy and absolutely delicious! And now I’m seriously craving some Angelo’s.


We relaxed SO much and got some quality cuddle time with both pups.


My mom and brother picked Kevin and I up from the airport the Friday before Christmas and once my dad got off work, we headed up to Ferguson Brewery for happy hour. I’ve written about this place before, but it’s honestly one of the best little places in STL! Their wings and buffalo chicken pizza are to die for. And the beer is fantastic!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Chicken wings

IMG_1457And their Hefeweizen for me!


At Ferguson Brewery, we told my parents and brother all about our cruise and showed them our pictures. My parents were especially excited to hear about it because they’re going on the same one in February to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and BOTH of their 50th birthdays!

Once we got home, Kev and I wanted to put our “first Disney trip together” ornament up on the tree. We didn’t have too much time to shop at Disney (more on that later), but I’m glad I grabbed an ornament while we were there!


Gracie didn’t want to cooperate too much.

IMG_1463 IMG_1464But we finally got a good one!


While we were home, we made tons of delicious Christmas cookies.


Brendan takes his licking-of-the-spoon very seriously

While we taught my dad how to use my macbook.


Did I mention how much I love being home with my family?

IMG_1494 IMG_1495

Kev and I also went out with my high school friends who were all in town! I’m glad we were able to all catch up.

IMG_1501 IMG_1499

You know it wasn’t going to be a trip home without enjoying my dad’s famous wings.


And in the evenings, I began re-watching Gossip Girl from the beginning because the season ended a couple of weeks ago. And yes, I’m really depressed over my favorite show ending. (P.S. Dan was GG all along?! More on that later)


One night, my grandparents took the whole family out to eat at The Pasta House (another fav!). I normally get the same thing every time, but I wanted to try something different and o.m.g. I have a new favorite. I almost ate this whole entire thing. It had to be the best lasagna I’ve ever had.


Before we knew it, our week was flying by and it was Christmas Eve!! Every year, we go to my grandparent’s house for Christmas Eve and the whole entire family comes. It is always a great time and I’m SO excited Kevin got to experience a Bladdick Family Christmas this year!


But before heading out the door, we threw on our NHL anti-lockout shirts that my dad had made for all of us to pose for a quick family photo in front of the Christmas tree. I’d really like to send this to Gary’s front door. Anyone know his home address?

While there were a couple outtakes, we finally got it right and sent it to a few hockey-loving friends and family members.

(And let me know if you want a shirt – I believe my dad has a few extra he’d sell.)


After my everyone left my grandparent’s house, we headed off to church for a candlelight service and before we knew it, Christmas morning had arrived!!

We always open presents in the morning at my parent’s house, and then head back over to my grandparent’s house to exchange presents and eat breakfast.


Presents for ten!

Gracie and Nala both got new toys and they loved ’em!


Grandma and Grandpa thoroughly enjoyed their Disney gifts we gave them.



Mom and dad got some good stuff.


Grandpa opened our Destin vacation photo books we made and I think he loved it!


Brendan was surely in heaven with his new TV!


And Pam is ready to climb Everest with her new backpack!


One of our favorite gifts were from my grandparents! They gave Kevin and I our own stockings to go in our future home. (My favorite gift from my parents begins with a “Kate” and ends in a “Spade”) 😉


And Kevin even has his own stocking for grandma’s house!



After celebrating Christmas with my family, Kev and I hit the road and drove to Cincinnati to be with his family for Christmas dinner. It was great to see his family and meet some of his family members that I had never met before!

We exchanged presents with his mom and sister before driving back to Louisville Christmas night.

What a crazy long day, but it was totally worth it! We got to spend the best holiday ever with the people that meant the most to us – what more can you ask for?!

Now that we’re back in Louisville and Kevin is back at work, I’ve been doing a whole lot of absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g and it has been oh-so wonderful. Like I said before, I’m going to enjoy every single moment of this.

Grace loves it too.


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