A Wedding Planning Weekend

Kevin and I are heading to St. Louis this weekend and its not just for the Jack in the Box tacos.

We’re having our food tasting Friday night, meeting with florists on Saturday, showing my parents the inside of the church on Sunday and hopefully picking out a few hotels to get blocks of rooms for our guests (because we’re all about a good deal).

I’m pumped to get more things crossed off our list and begin working on crafts and planning the little details. And registering!

So…here we go – another Wedding Wednesday post

  • Book venue
  • Book caterer and bar
  • Find church/priest
  • Book DJ
  • Book photographer
  • Buy wedding dress  Checkity check check check!
  • Buy wedding shoes – I think I like these the most out of anything we’ve done this whole planning process.
  • Finalize guest list – Done. We think. Maybe. Probably not. 
  • Ask bridal party to be in the wedding
  • Ask ushers/attendants/readers to be in the wedding
  • Meet with caterer for tasting – Friday night!
  • Wedding timeline/Must-have photos
  • Book videographer
  • Hotel room blocks
  • Publish wedding website
  • Book bus/limo for in between ceremony and reception – My dad’s in charge of this one 🙂 
  • Bridesmaid dresses 
  • Register 
  • Florist – Saturday!
  • Figure out what to do in lieu of a wedding cake – We’re not big cake people; any ideas? (do not, for the love of all things holy, say cupcakes. that’s the same thing as cake.)
  • Premarital classes 
  • Ceremony music
  • Kevin’s attire – I won a free Men’s Wearhouse tux that needs to be redeemed by April
  • Veil – Kevin’s aunt offered to make me one!
  • Order save the dates
  • Figure out where we want to go on our honeymoon
  • Guest book 
  • MOB & MOG dress shopping
  • Book hair stylist/make-up
  • Dress alterations
  • Figure out rehearsal dinner details
  • Figure out wedding showers
  • Figure out bachelorette party
  • Buy gifts for everyone
  • Purchase our wedding bands
  • Favors

Brides, anything specific you are working on this month?

Wives, any tips/advice/insight that you found helpful along the way?

Now, this is completely way off topic, but I found this article today and thought it was incredibly interesting.

Eat According to Your Blood Type 

I’m Type A (negative), so here’s what they had to say (and my thoughts in italics):

3 Character Traits: Hardworking, responsible, calm (yes, yes, no)

Your Personality: When everyone else is panicking, you keep it cool. You’re responsible, hardworking, detail oriented and extremely organized. But you also have a classic “type A” personality—stressed and conscientious, craving success and perfection. You’re the most artistic of the blood types (and even a bit sensitive). (Organized? Type A? Capital A for Absolutely true. Artistic? I’d say creative. Sensitive? Holy yes.) 

Your Diet: When hunter-gatherer Os started thinning out, our ancestors started relying on agriculture and expanding their diet to include a semi-vegetarian approach. Type As have the digestive enzymes and bacteria it takes to digest grains and plants that other blood types might have a rough time breaking down.

What to Eat: Fill your plate with fruits like berries, figs, plums, apples, avocados, pears and peaches. Choose veggies like broccoli, artichokes, carrots, greens and garlic. Fish and poultry should be limited since type As produce fewer meat-digesting enzymes, which is why they have such a hard time digesting red meat. To get protein, rely on plant protein from nuts (like nut butters), seeds, beans and soy. Since your body can easily break down and get optimal nutrition from grains, carbs and proteins, cereal, breads and pastas should be staples of your diet. (Give. me. more. bread.)
What to Avoid: To balance cortisol levels (you may have high levels, which can lead to OCD, disrupted sleep, muscle loss, fat gain and insulin resistance) limit sugar, caffeine and alcohol and don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Stressful elements like extreme weather conditions, loud noise, overwork and violent TV and movies should also be avoided. (I don’t love sweets, so that’s good, but I can’t survive without coffee and booze. Maybe this is also why I hate scary movies. And it looks like I should avoid extreme weather though…watch out, Kev.)

Dinner Tonight: Tofu-pesto lasagna, broccoli and frozen yogurt. (Yuck, tofu. Can I just eat froyo?)

Your Workout: Since you stress easily, try something calming like yoga. (I can’t even touch my toes…)
Happy-it’s-Wednesday-but-almost-Thursday-which-means-it’s-almost-Friday Day!
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8 thoughts on “A Wedding Planning Weekend

  1. My wifely advice: Find out what things matter most to your future hubby and let him have those things his way (within reason). Chances are he won’t care about colors or flowers or centerpieces or the guestbook, so do your best to get him involved in a fun way by letting him have input on the things he does care about. Otherwise, it’s like forcing him to care about things he just doesn’t have a preference about. He knows it’s “your” day and wants you to be happy, so if he has an opinion about something, it’s probably really important to him.

    In our case, Wyatt wanted BBQ (like, a lot, plus, I love it, too) so that was a no-compromise zone for us. He also loves white cake with white icing, where I really don’t care for it. Still, we had that as one of our flavors of cupcakes (sorry, we’re cupcake people!). He also really didn’t want to see me before I was walking down the aisle, which made pictures tricky to organize and fit in the schedule, but made the moment we’d been waiting 7 years for all that much more special.

    (And in Monica and Chandler’s case, it was having The Swing Kings.)

    • First of all, I LOVE that you somehow fit Friends into your comment! The swing kings! Haha!

      Secondly, excellent advice! Such good timing too because Kevin was just talking about how he doesn’t care about flowers but he wanted to see the save the date design again – so they DO care about some parts!

      I really appreciate the advice – thanks!

      PS I showed my mom your guys DIY photo booth and she loved it!

  2. So I’m not saying this will happen to you but my sister’s first veil was also made by her husband’s aunt and it was awful. Her intentions were nice and she took all my sister’s wants into account but the end execution was something similar to what a small child would wear at a make-believe wedding. The real kicker here was that we didn’t get the first veil until 3 days before the wedding so it was a mad dash to find a replacement. Everything turned out alright and the aunt wasn’t offended we did not use her veil (at least outwardly) but I’d recommend you ask she have it ready for you at least 2 weeks before the big day. It sucks having to find a veil last minute!

  3. Hey Gabby! I love your blog 🙂 A couple things I thought of while reading your post:

    – DEFINITELY book a videographer – perhaps the best money we spent.
    – If you need to cut costs, bag the save the date idea. I actually wish we wouldn’t have sent them because everyone knew our date and yes they were adorable but that was money we could have saved/spent somewhere else.
    – Cake! We did cake balls/bites which are basically cake pops in a liner and without a stick. People went crazy for them. It’s the best because you can have multiple flavors so everyone’s satisfied.
    – When looking at hotels, ask if they have a shuttle service so that guests can be taken home after the reception and you don’t have to worry about anyone driving.
    – Deposit-a-Gift is the COOLEST registry where you can register for experiences. For instance, we ended up getting the following paid for: couple’s massage on our honeymoon, ziplining on our honeymoon, tickets to a Broadway show/football game and baseball game, cooking classes and a wine tasting. All things we get to do together. People pay on the site for whatever they want (or a portion of it) and you “cash out” at the end. We were so happy we did that.

    Hope that’s helpful. Have such a blast checking more items off this weekend! 🙂

  4. There’s a lot of things that I could say here, but I’ll only focus on one: the alternative to the cake. I know a couple of people who have done alternatives. The first was pies, and the second was cheesecakes. I believe both had the same flavor of everything, but you can totally mix it up. A lot of caterers these days also do dessert bars, with all kinds of mini pastries, pies (like pecan, yum), brownies, etc.

    OR – omg – do cookie cake. YUM. lol

  5. I’ll second Elise up there ^ on her cake-alternative ideas! Pies could be super cute and seasonally appropriate, if you guys like pie. I think dessert bars are fabulous and my mom really wanted us to do that at our wedding. However, I took into account my guests (lots of drunk people and lots of kids) and decided a table full of candies that could be spilled everywhere probably wasn’t a good idea. I’ve also heard of people asking their family to bring their famous dessert recipes (think Grandma’s award winning bourbon pecan pie, Uncle Joe’s famous triple chocolate fudge, etc) but that may be more suitable for a small wedding.

    For Hotels, I’d recommend someplace that will let you hold an after-after party for when the bars close but you still have guests who want to socialize. My parents had a “hospitality suite” that was big enough for guests to party in but still ended up not being big enough for everyone who was still awake at 3am (seriously?!). Lucky for us the hotel didn’t yell at us for having 10-15 people hanging out in the lobby area. Some hotels will let you use their conference rooms for an after party.

    Bridesmaid dresses… David’s bridal can be super reasonable so I’d recommend starting there. However if you’re willing to put in a little more time and effort (I wasn’t) there are a TON of clothing stores that sell bridesmaid dresses. Even Target does now! Think J. Crew, Macy’s, etc. Or if you want all your girls in the same exact dress, you can just shop in the regular dress sections and find something fancy and order everyone’s sizes online.

    Guestbook… Not that there is anything wrong with a regular sign-your-name guestbook but I’d suggest something unique. When I was planning I had pretty much no opinion on this and a month out I found Pinterest pictures of unique guestbooks and fell in love with the guestbook bench. Lucky for me I was marrying a handyman and he built us a perfect bench in a few hours. Haha.. but look online for something unique that won’t end up gathering dust on a bookshelf in 20 years!

    Last piece of advice: try to enjoy it the planning! But know that a decent-sized portion of your happiness on your wedding day will be simply because you know the wedding planning is over. Hahahaha

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