A Whole New Door

My parents kicked ass this weekend. Our new patio door is seriously beautiful. I just want to sit and stare at it.

When we had our home inspection, we were informed about the wood rot happening on our french doors and knew we’d need to replace them. We debated getting new french doors or going with a sliding door but many factors (cost, ease of use, space, design) had us leaning towards a sliding door.

We ordered the door through Home Depot and it sat in our garage for a couple weeks until my parents could come in town. On Friday morning, bright and early, dad began to strip away the trim around our current french door.

IMG_2934 IMG_2936After breaking out the power tools, we had a big wide opening left.


And no door.

IMG_2935And then we tried to figure out how to get the new door in the big opening. Can we get a ‘hallelujah’ for no rain on Friday?

IMG_2938 We “dry fit” the door to see how it fit and realized we needed to add a bit of wood to the side of the frame. This turned into Home Depot trip 1 (out of 12 – I wish I was kidding).

IMG_2939 Did I mention how smart my dad is? He’s seriously a genius. There’s no way in a million years I could have figured this out. I would have said, “AGH IT DOESN’T FIT!” and given up. Dad just cut some wood and created a new frame to make it fit. Brilliant.

IMG_2940These pictures were just from Friday. On Saturday, dad caulked and added silicone to the outside frame and trim because it was supposed to rain on Saturday. Kevin and my mom added one coat of paint on the outside while dad and I ventured over to pick up our NEW COUCH! IT FINALLY CAME!

And surprisingly, it fit in our van.

IMG_2945 And in our living room entry!

IMG_2946 (Don’t you like my dad’s work clothes?) 😉

IMG_2949 New couuuuuuch!! We love it!

IMG_2951Too bad that was the only sitting we did that entire weekend.

Not pictured above: painting the green office/guest bedroom the same grey as our living/dining/kitchen, having my dad look at our outdoor lights, having my dad look at our front screen door, moving my bedroom furniture to our bedroom and moving Kevin’s to the guest bedroom, moving our new KING SIZE BED to our bedroom and moving my beloved bed (more on that later) upstairs to the guest bedroom, hanging the shelves in the dining room (more on that later too) and my dad fixing the crack in our basement. Seriously. We rock.

We’re not out of the woods yet, though. We still have a looooot of follow-up to do from this weekend, which I started on tonight.

IMG_3471We have to paint the trim with a few coats before it’s officially “complete” but I must say, we luuuuuurve our door with a capital L.

I also wanted to mention that when we first researched new doors, we were quoted at $1,400 by Window World here in Louisville. Um, thanks but hell-to-the-no-thanks. Kev and I paid around $450 for our new door and we spent roughly $200 (this is totally estimated; we still have some extra wood to return yet) in supplies like the extra wood, trim pieces, extra caulk, trim paint and a new threshold. Honestly, I cannot thank my parents enough.

Also thanks to Marcia, Kevin’s momma, for helping us on Saturday too! 😉

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