I’m Gabby, I’m 27 and I live in Louisville, Ky with my husband and our five-year-old pup, Gracie.

I’m a public relations professional by day – rescue dog momma, wife, DIY homeowner and chef by night. (Note: term ‘chef’ used lightly)


Kevin, my handsome hubby is a meteorologist by day – pup dad, handy homeowner and sports-watching, sweatpants-lounging guy by night.


Also: we like beer.

Gracie is our five-year-old golden retriever/lab mix who we adopted from The Animal Rescue of Carroll Iowa.

And well, she doesn’t have a day job. Her life consists of naps, eating, more naps, walks, playing with toys and more naps.


A few facts about me: I was born in Denver, but I was raised in St. Louis. I went to Valparaiso University and graduated with a degree in PR. We moved to Iowa in July of 2011 and relocated to Louisville in November of 2012 because of Kevin’s job. We’re in the process of relocating back to St. Louis this summer.

I blog as a hobby and also to keep my family and friends updated on my life. I love to document things by taking pictures and scrapbooking, so blogging just makes sense. I write about planning our wedding in St. Louis, being a first-time homeownerbeing a new pup parenttravelingrecipesfamily timemy blonde moments and more!

This little blog’s name came about because, well, Friends is my all-time favorite TV show in the world, and one of my favorite episodes is The One on the Last Night, when Monica and Chandler first move in together. One of the most famous lines in that episode is when Monica has to say goodbye to Rachel and she cries, “And I have to live with a boy!” When I decided to move to Des Moines where Kevin’s first job was, and we decided to move in together, I couldn’t stop watching this episode because it was so fitting for what was happening in my life at that time. Hence the name!

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! 🙂

(Full disclosure: I work in marketing and PR. Sometimes, I will talk about my clients, but I will disclose that. This blog in no way represents the company I work for or any clients. All thoughts are solely my own.)