Accidental Hiatus

A whole month off blogging? I never thought I’d do it. I’ve always loved this little hobby of mine so much. But, to be honest, I haven’t been feeling the need to blog and I always said I’d only write if I wanted to. It’s a hobby, not a job, so I don’t feel pressure to post X number of times per week or month. So sometimes, a month hiatus happens.

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

I read a really, really good book in February, which helped me get through those last few weeks of winter. Go. rent. The Husband’s Secret. Now.


We filed our taxes. Is that blog worthy? I don’t know. But, we drank a lot of alcohol to get through it.


We had a surprise gorgeous weekend last month so I took Grace out to the Parklands of Floyds Fork (a client of my agency), and she had the best time ever! We’ll be back many times this spring.


I had a girl’s night with Sara and her sister Molly and we saw How to Be Single. The real highlight? The amazing reclining seats at the newest theater by our house.


Bourbon Classic! I went for work and ran into one of my favorite girls, Holly.


On another gorgeous weekend, we walked the Big Four bridge with Danny and Sara and stopped at a couple breweries across the river. Patio beers FTW!


Here’s a big project we’re currently working on: replacing old deck boards! It’s been a project and a half and we’re nearing the home stretch (just have to restain the rails). I’m hoping to dedicate a post or two about how we did this ourselves.


I caucused. #republicansagainsttrump


And perhaps the most exciting thing recently, I went to Disney World…again! I went for a conference and my mom tagged along for an extended girls trip.


The conference was incredible and spending four days with my mom was…well…magical!


Mickey and a few other guests made special appearances throughout the conference, too!


I actually landed from Orlando yesterday, actually, and as soon as I got home, I changed into all green and we went to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Highlands. We went last year and had too much fun, so I couldn’t wait to go again this year!


That’s what I’ve been up to! Have a great Sunday, y’all!

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