An Old Married Couple

First things first!

Gotta wish happy birthday to my amazing dad! I know he’s not too fond of this picture, but I’m limited on the Throwback Thursday photos I have here at our house in Louisville. My parents have most of the good ones! Regardless, I love the picture. Happy birthday, dad! Can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend!


Eye Doctor Appointment

I know eye doctor appointments aren’t the most glamorous things to blog about, but let me tell you about our slightly eventful trip to the eye doc.

Kevin has needed glasses for quite some time now, but has long refused to make an appointment because the last time he went to the eye doctor, he fainted! He’s really going to kill me for ousting him. (Shhh nobody tell him and hopefully he just won’t read this.) In his defense, he gets really weird about things/people touching his eye, and he couldn’t adjust to all of the eye drops and dilation.

So when we made eye appointments finally, we made them for the same doctor at the same time…you know, just in case. Long story short: he didn’t faint! Must have been a fluke the last time because he was fine.

However, the doc came in and we found out Kev has a pretty bad astigmatism. They could do surgery on it to try to fix it, but obviously surgery is a last option. Doc says glasses should correct the astigmatism over time, but he’ll have a hard time getting used to wearing glasses ALL the time. I can’t believe he went from wearing no glasses to now needed them at all waking hours. Crazy!

And of course, I was no less dramatic. I waltzed in there thinking I would be just fine and dandy. I have glasses and wear them on occasion: driving, movies, concerts, reading the guide on our TV, etc., but I didn’t think I needed them all the time. Turns out, I’m blinder than I thought. And then the doc came in and told me I have pre cataracts? Or something like that? I sortof stopped listening once he said, “huh, how old are you? 25? It’s pretty rare to see something like this in someone so young.” LOVELY! I have to go back in a year to see if its gotten any worse. Cataracts at 25. Awesome. (And because of this, I’m not going to mention how the doctor tested me for needing bifocals. I’m not going to even tell you about that.)

Update: I just Googled what I was “officially” diagnosed with…SENILE CATARACT. Did you know that “senile” means “having or showing the weaknesses or diseases of old age”? WHAT. IS. HAPPENING!

Despite a not-entirely-awesome trip to the eye doc, Kev and I managed to enjoy our morning off work together. We tried on some frames…


And ventured to Target so I could buy ink for my printer. Only problem? I couldn’t remember what ink number our printer took. And because both of our eyes were dilated, WE COULDN’T READ THE GUIDE. Couldn’t make out a single word!


We took a lucky guess and somehow, we were right.


Even though we’re 25, I swear we looked and felt 80 years old all morning. Major eye seeing issues for the husband? Pre cataracts for the wife? And we couldn’t read a damn thing in Target? Definition of an OLD married couple.


It’s a good thing we had an awesome dinner on the docket for tonight to lift our spirits! We made chicken bacon ranch pizza and it was as delicious as ever.


I’m off to go catch up on a few more things before Parenthood and Scandal tonight! I love Thursdays!

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2 thoughts on “An Old Married Couple

  1. This made me laugh so much. However, I LOVE going to the eye doctor. It’s always been such a fun time and I’m fascinated by all the tests they run. Of course, I’m semi-blind too, and wear contacts so I can see!

    • Ha ha glad we could make ya laugh in our OLD AGE! I’ve never heard of someone who LOVES the eye doctor, but I certainly don’t mind it. I am married to a weirdo šŸ˜‰

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