An Upgrade

So what have we been up to as of late besides running, running and more running? Car shopping! Well, sortof. I have driven the same car I’ve had practically my whole driving life (going on 10 years!), and while my little 1999 Chevy Cavalier has been good to me, it’s just falling apart slowly but surely and  we’re ready for an upgrade.

A big upgrade. To an SUV! We. need. more. space. Kev and I can’t even go camping with just the two of us and Gracie because our tent, coolers, etc. won’t fit in either of our cars. And house projects will be so much easier with more room.

I will be the primary driver of the new SUV, but we’ll also use it for road trips, vacations, etc. too.


I’ve never purchased a car before and Kevin bought his car fresh out of college, so this is pretty much a whole new world to us. New? Used? What ratings do we use? What matters most to us? Can I pretty please get a sunroof? Hell I’ll be happy with power windows at this point (#16yearoldcarprobz).

We didn’t know where to start, but we saw that there was an auto show in town a few weeks ago, so we decided to pay it a visit. We’re so glad we did, because we had the opportunity to look at tons of cars without the pressure of going to a dealership (the dealers there weren’t allowed to sell anything directly from the show). We even got to test drive cars!


We had a big list of SUVs we thought we’d like in our head, but we were able to narrow it down to four from the show alone. They are: Ford Edge, Nissan Rogue, Nissan Murano and Hyundai Santa Fe. I also really liked the Toyota Highlander, but it’s a tad too big so we may look at the Rav4.

Kevin drives a Hyundai now and we love it, so the Santa Fe is at the top of our list, but we didn’t have the chance to test drive all the ones we liked.

I think if I test drove more, I would have just driven it straight home because I LOVE ALL THE NEW CARS. To be honest, anything is an upgrade to me so I’m trying to think straight and decide based on what really matters to us.

After an evening of car shopping, we headed to BoomBozz pizza for dinner. So good!


Anyone out there drive any of our potential SUVs? Love ’em? Hate ’em?

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7 thoughts on “An Upgrade

  1. I have a ford escape. It’s a smaller version of the edge. Edge was top of my list. Next was the Santa Fe. I would stay away from the rav4.

    • The rav4 was too small, and the inside looked like it was straight out of the 90s! I was pretty surprised at how much I didn’t like it. Thanks for the recommendation, Christina!

  2. I drive the nissan rogue and have a friend that drives the murano. I’d say for camping, 2 people and a dog the rogue is just enough room. If you’re looking for something slightly larger than the murano is the way to go. I love my nissan rogue, have had very few to no issues with it and I’ve had it for 5 years this year.

  3. Gabby, definitely go for the Edge! We got a 2013 last year and it’s been nothing short of amazing. Really roomy and perfect for hauling all the outdoor stuff (including the pups!) around. LMK if you have specific questions!

    • Thanks so much, Emily! We really liked the Edge, but in the end, the Santa Fe won out for our family this time. 🙂

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