Another Wedding Wednesday

Woo hoo for family time!

My parents are coming in town this weekend for two VERY exciting reasons! The first, I don’t want to say quite yet (dontcha hate when people do that?), but the second reason why they’re coming is because my mom and I are going to drive up to Cincinnati to go WEDDING DRESS shopping with Kevin’s mom and two of my bridesmaids – Kevin’s sister Alison and Sara!

I’m super nervous about dress shopping because I have NO idea what I want or what will look good. Also, I absolutely hate trying on clothes. When I go to stores, I typically buy whatever I think I’ll like, and try them on when I get home once I get in the ‘mood’ and if it doesn’t fit, I’ll return it later. I know, it’s so weird, but trying on clothes is the worst. My hair has static out of this world, my face turns red, I start to sweat, I always look pale in the mirror and it’s just pretty much the worst. So I’m really hoping that dress shopping goes better than a typical trip to Express. Any tips, ladies? 😉

Since we’ve finally have the opportunity to even THINK about weddings after crazy weeks at work, a vacation, the holidays, a lack of computer, and a move, I’m going to do another Wedding Wednesday post.

  • Book venue
  • Book caterer and bar
  • Meet with caterer for tasting – Scheduled in Feb.!
  • Book church
  • Book DJ – Finally!
  • Book photographer
  • Wedding timeline/Must-have photos – Our photographer emailed us this week!
  • Book videographer – Starting this process soon!
  • Create wedding website – Will share in Feb. after blocking off hotels
  • Ask bridal party to be in the wedding
  • Ask ushers/attendants/readers to be in the wedding
  • Book bus/limo for in between ceremony and reception
  • Bridesmaid dressesI have one in mind, and we may look a bit this weekend
  • Register – Waiting until we have a house
  • Florist – We’re also going to do this in Feb.
  • Figure out what to do in lieu of a wedding cake – we’re not big cake people
  • Premarital classes – We found our church, we just need to talk to the priest
  • Ceremony music – We need to call the church organist
  • Buy wedding dress – Soon!
  • Buy wedding shoes
  • Kevin’s attireI won a free Men’s Wearhouse tux that needs to be redeemed!
  • Order save the dates – Hopefully these will get designed in Jan.!
  • Finalize guest list – Done. We think.
  • Figure out where we want to go on our honeymoon – Suggestions?
I am so excited to get some wedding stuff done this weekend with my family in town and visiting Kevin’s mom, and I cannot wait to go to St. Louis in Feb. to get a ton of stuff done!

Wish me luck dress shopping.

Seriously, I sweat.

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7 thoughts on “Another Wedding Wednesday

  1. Here’s my “tips” on wedding dress shopping, take ’em or leave ’em:

    – Nothing looks the same on the hanger as it does on you. It sucks. You have to try something on unless you can tell immediately you won’t like a certain detail (like a gigantic bow on your butt, if that’s not your thing)

    – It’s GOOD that you don’t have a specific dress in mind. I went into it 100% convinced that I was going to end up with an all-lace, form-fitting dress. Ended up with satin and lace a-line ballgown. I wasted a LOT of time trying on lace dresses that just ended up being “meh” and got lucky that my friend talked me into trying on the dress that I fell in love with. With that being said, since you aren’t sure what looks good on you, let the sales lady (or Sara) pick out a few different styles for you so you can start narrowing the field.

    – Don’t underestimate accessories. I loved my dress but I REALLY loved it when they added a different belt than the one that came with it.

    – Be strict with sales people about your budget! And when they bring you a dress out of your price range, don’t be afraid to tell them. In my experience they were ALWAYS able to go “talk to the manager” and “work something out” to drop it into my range.

    – If you’re not at least 95% sure that you’ve found “the one”, keep looking. Maybe. I had a TON of anxiety after I picked my dress, worried because I didn’t go to this one store in town and maybe I was just under pressure blah blah blah. I freaked out for months. In the end I really loved my dress but I would’ve saved myself a lot of panic if I would have just went to that last store, realized they didn’t have anything different, and relaxed about my decision.

    – Keep in mind what is important *overall* on your big day. I totally forgot about this but in the end it still worked out. What was important to me? A big-ass party with all-night dancing craziness. The dress I set out looking for? A tight-fitting, easily-ripped dress with constraining cap sleeves. I am SO GLAD I didn’t end up with that. It would’ve been a pain in the ass to dance all night in a dress like that.

    – Decide whether your body shape/size is worth stressing about OR whether finding an awesome tailor who can do last-minute adjustments is worth stressing about. I ended up with a dress that fit tightest at my boobs and my rib cage, two things that haven’t grown much in the past year or two. Which meant I never had to stress out about the things that have fluctuated a TON in the past year or two: my hips, my thighs, and my belly. That was the last thing I wanted to worry about while juggling school and wedding planning. And I got to show off my favorite asset: my boobs. hahahah.. However, if you want your awesome, rockin’ bod to be shown off, DO IT! Just find a good tailor who will be able to adjust your dress a few times to get the right fit and who will be on-call if you drop 10 pounds before the wedding from stress. haha

    Alright that was long-winded. Hope something will help you out! And don’t freak out, you’re a gorgeous girl and you will be 100x even more gorgeous on your wedding day, no matter what you’re wearing.

    • Some of the best advice that I used! So awesome, thank you!!

      The panic set in when I woke up the morning after buying my dress. I kept looking at pictures of it trying to find something wrong with it to convince myself that I made a bad decision. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?! Luckily, that panic only happens sometimes (mostly in my dreams) and it’s just ridiculous! I love the dress I picked and I just need to quit thinking about other dresses! I know there’s nothing better, just like you knew there was nothing better, but it’s so hard to be content with that decision. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  2. A couple quick tips!

    Wear a button up shirt so you don’t mess up your hair all day. Bring some snacks and water along in case you get hungry/thirsty. Wear your makeup similar to how it will be on your wedding day, if possible. Wear your hair similar to how it will be done on your wedding day (so if it will be up put it in a cute bun or something)…it will help show you how the dress will look. Bring your wedding jewelry or shoes along if you have them, otherwise ask to try some on at the bridal shop. it always helps to have the complete look! And finally, bring some deodorant along just to cool yourself down if need be.

    and have fun!!

  3. I had no idea what I wanted and tried on every dress in the shop (in our price range which wasn’t much) with no real luck, leaving me almost in tears until my mom convinced me to check the clearance “just in case.” I did and there were two in my size, one hideous and the other just ok…on the rack. Once I put it on, it was definitely “the one” even though it took me a couple switches between that and my “not very good and too expensive runner up” to decide for sure. And I got a dress that originally cost more than triple my price range…for half of what we’d planned to spend. How crazy, right? I realize that’s not normal, but just try to have an open mind.

    There were still some details I didn’t like, (it had a bit too long of a train) and some beading around the waist, so we used the leftover budget to customize it. I found another dress shop who would trim down the train and add a belt on top of the beading (the original shop wouldn’t do those alterations) and it was perfect. So, don’t be afraid to change a few details to make it really feel “you.”

    I’d say my best advise is to try to just have fun and not freak out if you don’t find the right one. If we hadn’t found the clearance dress, I was prepared to leave without a dress that day and look somewhere else, even though I admit I wasn’t happy about it. Do better than me about having an open time frame. Don’t put pressure on yourself to find it that day if it just isn’t meant to be.

    Last, try to picture the entire wedding day in each dress–the pictures, the ceremony, the party. They will likely all have different feels and you need your dress to work for each. My friend added gloves and a veil for the wedding but didn’t wear them for pictures or the reception to add another layer of detail. Be creative!

    Have fun! That day is such a special memory to me now!

  4. Have fun! I went through the same process a few months ago and it’s definitley exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. I’m much like you in that I really hate trying on clothes. For some reason, when it comes to the wedding dresses I was beyond thrilled and it was so much fun. You get caught up in the moment, but it’s so much fun at the same time. I hope you’re going to Reading to check out their places. I purchased my dress from Bridal and Formal but there are so many options in that area to chose from that you can’t go wrong. Good luck!

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