Another Year

Today, my contract with BlueHost, this blog’s hosting company, expired and I let the payment lapse. I thought I was just about done blogging – I now live in St. Louis with friends and family and don’t have that need to share constant updates anymore – but I got home from work, typed in and all my memories, posts, photos and stories from the last six years disappeared like that.

And I’m not ready for that.

So, I signed back up for web hosting for another year. Maybe 2018 will be the year I say goodbye, but 2017 is not it.


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2 thoughts on “Another Year

  1. Dear Gabby,

    though I have not commented on any of your posts so far (I’ve been reading for a couple of months now and your wedding posts are an inspiration to me – getting married in September), I am glad you don’t quit blogging.

    Even tough we we haven’t met and you don’t know me, I would definitely miss reading your blog! 🙂 And I am from Austria! So you’ve got regular readers from Europe!

    You go girl!

    • Hi Lisa! You are so sweet – thank you for the note! Nice to “meet” you. Kevin and I will be traveling to Austria in a few months. We’ll be in Salzburg – very much looking forward to seeing the sights!

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