As of Late

I realize I’ve only been writing about running lately, and I’m really sorry about that. To be honest, running does take up a lot of time, but I promise it’s not all we’ve been up to! Here’s proof!


^We’ve had gorgeous weather the past two weekends so we made sure Gracie got to enjoy it as much as we did.


^We had a chili cook off at work and the PR team was first in line (of course)


^Super Bowl prep


^We didn’t get too fancy this year for the Super Bowl. We had some friends over and made a Skyline chili bar, which turned out quite delicious.


^Despite the fact that the Patriots won (boooo), Kev won three out of the four square rounds!


^So the weekend was great, Super Bowl was fun and then I woke up sick on Monday morning. Like throat-is-on-fire-and-face-feels-like-it-will-explode sick. Kevin had been sick the week before, so I knew it was a matter of time. At least I had little Grace to snuggle with.


^The only good thing of being sick is having Bread Co. delivered to your house. Yes, Bread Co. delivers (at least the one by us!).


^This past weekend was just as gorgeous as the weekend before, and we spent much of it outside. We did squeeze in a Skype session with our besties Peter and Ali while Danny and Sara were over. They’re coming to visit in March and we’re counting down the days!


^Because the weather was so great, Kev broke out the smoker he got for Christmas.


^Kev has nothin’ on Kansas City. These ribs though.


^In between smoking meat and Skyping friends, we spent the morning of Saturday out running errands and both of us got new kicks! We both have great running shoes, but we were in the market for some regular ole tennis. Surprisingly, we got these from Nordstrom Rack. My new favorite store! (Also incredibly dangerous for the wallet.)

And there ya have it – life as of late in between runs. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bowl of ice cream to eat and the Grammy’s to make fun of. Cheers!

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