As of Late

I realize I have been very bad about blogging as of late but it’s such a crazy time! I know I keep saying “the wedding” but really, that’s what we’ve been up to in our evenings (that and Breaking Bad).

Here’s what we’ve been up to as of late:


We’ve had a few wedding gifts arrive already and we absolutely love opening them in the evenings. (I try my hardest not to open them until Kevin gets home, unlike Monica in one of the best Friends clips of all time.)

IMG_3992 We celebrated Gracie’s 2nd birthday a few weeks ago with some new goodies.

IMG_4005 She also got a haircut, and PetSmart decided to stick a bow on her ass. It was removed right away.

IMG_4007Danny and Sara live near a lake, and we went fishing one afternoon. We didn’t catch anything, but we enjoyed a few beers and standing by the water.

IMG_3985I’m working on some wedding signage, and after printing a few copies, I realized I typed the wrong wedding date. Oops.

This weekend, we’re heading to beautiful San Francisco, California for one of my good friend’s weddings!


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