Avocado Ranch!

Alright, so I have to admit something. I have a bit of an obsession with all-things ranch dressing. Jalapeno ranch, southwest ranch, buttermilk ranch and especially avocado ranch!

I had been craving avocado ranch dressing for a very long time. My parents met working at a local St. Louis restaurant, Casa Gallardo. Guess it’s no surprise it’s my favorite – I grew up eating there all the time – and they make THE BEST avocado ranch dressing. I have been waiting to recreate it!

To go along with my avocado ranch (I say it like it’s the main dish), I made chicken quesadillas. Delicious! But, first up was the avocado ranch. The ingredients include ranch dressing, one avocado, salt, pepper and garlic powder (it’s not like I made the ranch from scratch. Really, it’s simple) –

I cut up an avocado, squeezed half a lime, added some salt, pepper and garlic powder to the mix and then dumped in about a cup of ranch. Voila! –

Looks weird in the blender, but I promise – it’s delicious. Next up: the quesadillas. I loooove refried beans (call me weird) but I hate the way they taste write out of the can. My mom is an amazing cook and has a great trick to really spruce up refried beans. She adds a hearty dropping of sour cream, lots of salsa and tons of shredded cheese. It makes the beans taste so good –

To construct the quesadilla, I just put everything in the tortilla. Everything, but the kitchen sink. Delicious!

Assembly –

Finished product (with more avocado ranch. duh) –

We set out some avocado ranch for dipping (blurry photo – apologizes – we’re currently ‘shopping’ for a new camera) –

The avocado ranch wasn’t the only exciting thing to happen today. Our local grocery store had beer tasting today! Ummm awesome? Yes. I tasted a seasonal Shiner beer – “Holiday Cheer.” It’s an ale brewed with peaches and pecans. So. good. I bought a six-pack –

Off to watch the Cardinals do work on the Rangers again! GO RED BIRDS!

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