Bachelorette Party

There was bottle service. There was a watermelon that fell from the sky. There was tequila. And beer. There was a girl who shall not be named who fell in the street. There was another girl who shall not be named who also fell in the street.  There was one 3 a.m. tour of the Chicago Fire Department. And one 3:30 a.m. trip to McDonald’s. There were games. There were phallus decorations. There was an embarrassing one-block taxi ride home from the last bar. And there were eight of my very best friends in one hotel room. Did I mention bottle service?

I don’t have a voice. I haven’t unpacked. I feel like I was hit by a high-speed train.

And I only found one appropriate photo on my phone/camera to share.

Unfortunately, it only shows half of our group.


I’d say it was a success.

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