Back to College! Oh, Wait….

I would give my left arm to go back to college. There. I said it. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t give my left arm, maybe I’d shave my head or something, but seriously, I’d love to be returning to Valpo’s campus right about now.

Facebook left me this nice little reminder today, ‘In 2010 you wrote: “I have no motivation to pack for Valpo, so I think I’ll go to Target to roam areas of college supplies.'” AH, THE LIFE! I wish I could go back to Target and buy random crap that I think can fit in my 5 ft by 10 ft dorm room. Seriously, guys, I’m dying here. I just want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. about college.

I mean, let’s just take a trip down memory lane.

I miss:

Packing up the van every year to go to Valpo (this pic is from freshman year)-

Spending my first night of college with the girls in my hall. Yeah Lank 2-

Our first dinner at B-Dubs-

Freshman Dunes Day, and every other trip to the Dunes-

Attending the sketchiest part I’ve ever been to in my entire life-

Being so excited about recruitment and initiation-















Going to Valpo basketball games-

Going to and being on the Relay for Life planning committee-

Freshman year Kappa formal –

My parents helping me move into the smallest dorm rooms on earth-

SigEp Speakeasy every year-














And SigEp Luau every year-

My 21st birthday junior year-

PRSSA conferences in San Diego, Washington DC and Austin, TX-














Kappa formal junior year. That was a fun one for sure. Who am I kidding, they were all fun-

Senior year sisterhood hayride event-

When we would plan weekends at other colleges. For instance, Mizzou for homecoming-

And stopped by the Mizzou Kappa house bright and early in the morning-

Going to the most fun parties ever, like jock jams-

Working with an awesome group of friends to win the SAP competition-

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights-

Seeing the biggest chick flicks with the whole sorority and taking up the entire row in the theater-

My pledge class-

When Kristina made me wear a grandma outfit to the ugly sweater party and Kelsi’s (now Katrina’s) ugly sweater outfit-

Bar crawl. Ohhh, how I miss that night-

Graduating college (okay, I don’t ‘miss’ graduation, but it was an exciting day)-

Bottom line. I miss college. And I’m sure everyone misses college. Biggest piece of advice to anyone younger than me: ENJOY COLLEGE to the fullest because it should be the best time of your life!

Thank you, Valpo, for giving me a fantastic 3.5 years of my life (I mean, and an education). 🙂

How badly do you miss college?

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3 thoughts on “Back to College! Oh, Wait….

    • Ah – I’m glad someone else feels the same way I do. It’s so hard to see everyone’s Facebook status updates with “Going back to school!!!” or “Partyyyyyy!” and I have to go to work or do laundry. So depressing!

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