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I promise, the words, “Ask people on your blog” just came out of Kevin’s mouth so it’s true…WE NEED YOUR HELP.

We are FINALLY getting around to putting pictures in our bedroom – cough, a year and a half later, cough – and we can’t decide if we should put up black and white pictures, or color. You’d think it’d be an easy decision, but it’s not.

Over our bed, we have three large Ikea frames that fit 16 x 20 pictures. It only took us days, but we finally narrowed down the pictures to three from various trips we took.

For reference, here’s what the frames look like. Ignore the unmade bed and Kevin taking a nap. This was after spending HOURS hanging these straight. #disasterdiy


The pictures that we chose are all of nature – the mountains, a lake and a storm – things that mean a lot to us, but we’re not sure if we should do b&w or color. HELP. DSC_0q030







I’m leaning towards b&w.

No, color.

No, b&w.

Seriously. Help.

Also, if it helps you, on the opposite wall of our bed, we have a dresser and a gallery of picture frames that will be filled with various pictures from our wedding, vacations and dog child. So don’t leave a comment saying you think we should put wedding pictures above our bed because well, the room would end up looking like a shrine to October 19, 2013.


So, what do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Bedroom Pictures Help

  1. Are the frames above bed brown or black and is headboard brown or black? Trying to “picture” no pun intended on what it may look like with bw or color

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