Beer Brats and Beer

Not a bad Thursday night in the Bladdick/Deitsch house-apartment-hold! It must be the warmer weather here in Iowa because I came home from work today in the best mood!


Tonight’s dinner was awesome! Hy-Vee had brats on sale this week so I picked up a package. Brats are the perfect summer BBQ food and I couldn’t wait for a nice sunny evening to grill ’em. I make my brats the same exact way my parents make theirs. First, boil in beer (plus a little water) and then stick ’em on the grill until perfected!

Ingredients I use:

  • 1 can of beer
  • 1 can of water
  • 1 package of brats
  • Condiments of choice
  • Buns
  • Whatever sides you’d like!
*Side note – does it bother anyone else that “they” put five brats in a package or 10 dogs in a package but “they” only make buns come in eight? I know why they do it, but it really irks me!*
Aaaaand I’m back.

I use one can of beer plus one can of water. (Go ahead and pour yourself a beer too, of course.) 🙂

Kevin, the grillmaster (in his UC shirt for tonight’s game!):

How easy are brats? No seasoning, no prep, no cutting and no hard work whatsoever!

I like my brats buuuuurned. Burn baby burn!

My plate was very yellow tonight.

Ahhhh this meal reminded me of summer, camping and being outside! Speaking of outdoors…

Green Thumb

My grandma sent along the cutest care package with my parents last weekend! She included some magazines, a letter, dog toys for Miss Grace, an adorable beach bag and some seeds for a few of my favorite herbs!
I’ve always wanted to start an herb garden and now that we finally have a place of my own, it’s the perfect time! She sent me Thyme, Dill and Parsley. When we went to Target on Monday, I picked up the CUTEST pots! These darling yellow pots come in a set and they were only like $3! I also picked up some sort of a soil. Again, no idea how to plant so let’s hope it works!

She also sent some spring table cloths and place settings. How cute!

Mega Millions

Alright, I neeeeever buy lottery tickets…ever, so it was very strange of me to walk into the gas station this morning while getting my car filled up to purchase a lotto ticket. My dad convinced me because apparently the Mega Millions hasn’t had a winner in some time and the pot is now up to $290 million! He got me by saying, “Well, someone has to win. What would you do with all that money?” and it really got me thinking!

What would you do with a couple hundred million smackaroos?

Here’s my list (as a 23-year-old recent grad):

  • Pay off my student loans.
  • Pay off Kevin’s student loans.
  • Pay for my brother’s college.
  • Buy this car (no, not because Edward drives it).
  • Buy my parents a house on Table Rock Lake and a new boat (and probably a new car).
  • Invest
  • Save the majority of it so my family and I can live comfortably.

Would you take the lump sum or a little every year?

The real question, though, is what would you do with a mega million dollar winning ticket?

Last thing…who is seeing The Hunger Games this weekend?! Tonight anyone? Me, Kevin and our friends Jess and Chris are going tomorrow after work. Wooooooo!

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