Bengals Playoff Game

After Kevin’s family left town Saturday afternoon, we got ready for the Cincinnati Bengals playoff game! We packed up our coolers, food and plenty of warm-weather clothes (and ponchos!) before hitting the road bright and early Sunday morning to get a good parking spot for tailgating.


The menu on Sunday consisted of beer brats (which I boiled in beer the day before), chips to munch on, plenty of beer and spiked apple cider (bourbon instead of rum). Bringing that mini grill and my teapot saved the day because the brats were delicious and the spiked apple cider sure did keep us warm (thanks for the tip, grandma and grandpa! <- seriously).


We’re newlyweds so our “tailgate table” consisted of an extra cooler. Note to brides who tailgate often: register for a fold-up table.


We were very thankful for our good friends who hooked us up with an excellent parking spot – and under the bridge in case in rained on us!


While walking to meet up with more family friends, we checked out some other tailgating set ups. I will fully admit that I am a tailgate newb in that I’ve only tailgated a small handful of times and by tailgate I mean I had to go to a few random college campuses for tailgates for my job a couple of years ago. Valpo’s football program was a total joke and even though I grew up with grandparents who have always had Rams season tickets, we never tailgated (is it a dome thing?). Man, these NFL tailgaters know what’s up!


It was my first time at Paul Brown and we had great seats! The tickets that we got were just a few bucks cheaper than seats way up in the nose bleeds so we went for the good seats and I’m so glad we did.



We lucked out the first half of the game with great weather, but it poured on us for most of the second half. No big deal – we brought ponchos for a reason!


Sadly, the Bengals couldn’t pull through with a win Andy Dalton ruined the game for everyone. Regardless, we both had a blast at our first playoff game, my first real tailgate, my first time at Paul Brown AND my first time at an outdoor NFL game!


P.S. A good friend of mine from grade school’s older brother was badly injured in a CrossFit competition accident a few days ago. From what I’ve seen on Facebook, he severed his spine and has no movement from the waist down. He’s also without insurance. If you’d like to help or want to share, here’s a Facebook page set up for his recovery with a link to his website for donations:

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