Big News: Kevin and I are Adopting a Puppy

It’s official! We’re adopting a puppy! We’ve been going through “the process” for the past few weeks, so we didn’t want to get our hopes up until we found out for sure. I just talked to the shelter tonight and she said the pups are ready to be picked up on Saturday. YES!

Kevin’s mind: *dollar signs, stains, dollar signs, lack of sleep, walks, runs, dollar signs*

Only kidding. He’s the realistic one in the relationship, while I am the optimist. Yes, I know it will be expensive, hard, time-consuming and like having a child, but I grew up with a dog and I can’t stand life without a furry companion!

We were trying to decide if we wanted to adopt or buy. Nala, my family’s dog that we adopted is a full-bred golden retriever, so I know I wanted to stay with that breed, but full-breds bought from a breeder are pushing $1,000. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of cash laying around. We looked at adopting, and when we found this little lady, we couldn’t resist. Meet our new puppy:

Her mom was dropped off at a pound in Iowa and was pregnant with 12 pups. Two of the puppies died at birth, but 10 survived and were put up for adoption. Her mom is a yellow lab and her dad is a golden retriever. We haven’t seen her in person yet, but the adoption lady said she really resembles a golden more than a lab (the picture proves so too).

I just can’t get enough of that face!

Now my dog from home, Nala, has a new sister! Welcome to the family, pup!

(Nala and I open Christmas presents together every year)

We’re going to have to get a lot of things to be ready for the new addition to our family. I have the following list put together. Dog owners, please tell me what I’m forgetting!

  • Crate (we’re definitely going to crate the new pup. Nala was crated and it was a great training tool)
  • Bedding (for inside the crate)
  • Collar
  • Leash
  • ID tag
  • Food (she is currently being fed Puppy Pedigree – so we’ll stick with that)
  • Dog food/water bowl
  • Brush
  • Puppy shampoo (Necessary? We’re bad and wash Nala with whatever is laying around the house)
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Clicker (mom is mailing the clicker we used to train Nala)
  • Carpet deodorizer (in case of for accidents)
  • Bitter apple spray (recommended from co-workers who have puppies)
I know I’m missing something here. Also, I haven’t helped train a dog in six years (Nala’s old!), so if you have any points/tips/suggestions/etc. that would be absolutely welcome. We’ll take all the advice we can get!

Really off-topic, but today I saw a tweet from Huffington Post – College and it was requesting an interview from a recent grad with student loans. I graduated in December 2010 and my loans just came due in July, so I e-mailed the reporter and we had the chance to chat today about my loan situation and Obama’s new student loan plan. She wrote up a great article that covered his speech today and included me. Check it out if you want. It’s not the most exciting thing, but I hope people who are going off to college or are current students realize how big of a burden loans are. I wouldn’t have changed my college education for anything, I just wish I would have known how big of a deal loans are.

Okay, done being boring with loan talk – time to get the house puppy ready! We can pick her up on Saturday!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Big News: Kevin and I are Adopting a Puppy

  1. 1) Adam won’t let me buy a bed for our puppy 🙁 He says he doesn’t want to spend the money until we know how big he’ll be. boo. I hate seeing him lay in just a crate.
    2) A 48″ crate is REALLY big, like too big. Even though its huge we got ours off of ebay for $50!
    3) Invest in Bissel carpet cleaner, both the pet kind and the regular kind work. AMAZING! Plus the dog wont go to the bathroom again in that spot.
    4) Bitter apple spray is really good too. My dog tends to like to chew on electrical cords…. not so good,

    • We put a bunch of towels (like 5) in her crate to make up for not having a bed. We’ll buy one sometime – once she’s house broken and near full-size. We got a HUGE crate too, but it came with a divider so we made it really tiny. This way, we can adjust it with her growth. And yes, we need to put some sort of deodorizer because we don’t want her to keep making accidents in the same places. Also, I love bitter apple spray! A co-worker gave me some and I sprayed it on everything – she hates it. Works wonders!!

  2. Get puppy shampoo for sure. Dog hair and skin is different than humans. There are some pretty cheap brands out there! Don’t put the bedding inside the crate right away-wait until she’s housebroken. Might want to look into getting a harness for when you walk her. When my family first got a puppy the harness worked really well for getting her to walk nicely.
    Congratulations on your new puppy! 🙂

  3. This is so exciting Gabby… and the puppy is adorable! I really hope you fill up your blog with lots of cute puppy pictures so that I can enjoy her cuteness from Spain! Any thoughts on names yet?

    • Thanks, Alison! And of course I’m going to fill it with adorable puppy pictures. 🙂 We just decided to name her Gracie – it took us awhile to pick out a name! She’s really clumsy and falls down a lot so we thought Gracie would be a cute playful name.

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