Blank Space

I literally do not know what we’re going to do a few years from now when our house is decorated and more put together. Watch TV? Take more walks? Relax?

Our minds are always going a mile a minute on either house or wedding-related tasks. It’s insane! Even while watching our favorite shows (The Voice, Nashville, Grey’s, okay so maybe we do have time to sit down and watch TV), we have our laptops out brainstorming what to put in that corner, how to decorate the mantle, figuring out what type of lamps we want for the living room, how many more feet of screen material we need to finish the screens or what we should register for. I dream about shelves and wedding food, people. It’s out of control.

Most recently we’ve been obsessing over the space behind our kitchen table. We LOVE our table, but it takes up a lot of the space in our dining area. Let’s take a closer look.

This is the wall where I’d like to have some sort of storage/decoration. It faces the kitchen and you can see it from the living room, so there needs to be something there. (PS yes, that is a curtain you see, plus new patio furniture. No, neither project is done, which is why it has not been discussed.)

(And yes, the carpet is ugly. Yes, it’s brand new (whyyyyyyy?) and yes, I cannot wait to replace it with hardwoods. Someday.)

photo 2 (1)

And this is what it looks like when the chair is pulled out as if someone had sat in it. Soooo we’re not working with a ton of space here. Dreams shattered.

photo 3 (1)I had originally envisioned something magical and unique like this:


Or this. My word how I love this so:


I even looked around at Ikea when we visited last and took some snapshots of my favorites (although I didn’t find a single option in white and that’s what color I’d want this piece to be.)

photo 1 photo 2

Heck, I’d even settle for something small like this:

photo 3

But they’re all way too deep, and wouldn’t leave nearly enough room between the piece of furniture and chair. Hmph.

(Please tell me everyone has this “why-is-the-house-I-bought-so-weird-and-nothing-fits-the-way-I-originally-thought” feeling after buying their first house?)

So back to the drawing board. And by drawing board, I mean pinning the crap out of consoles, side tables, buffets, shelves, bars and more. It got to be a little unhealthy. As in, staying up until 2 a.m. pinning while watching Monica & Chandler’s wedding/Rachel’s baby Friends episodes (my favorite. actually they’re all my favorite. this is going to be a post in and of itself some day.). Really, go here. That’s a lot of ‘table’ pins.

HOWEVER, I think I figured out my solution. And I think it’s going to cost us $60. And I cannot wait to share…Monday!

Have a great weekend! I’m currently stretching, doing stairs and a few jogs around the block to prepare for my parent’s arrival and our weekend full of ass-kicking house projects.

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