There was nothing like a little LDS church service to start my Easter morning.


I’m not mormon. (Your church was gorgeous, by the way.)

Thanks to typing in the incorrect address in my GPS, I ended up walking into an LDS church service this morning, only to realize I was definitely in the wrong place after about 30 seconds. I bolted, quickly looked up the Lutheran church’s correct address and arrived only 10 minutes after the service started.

Yes, my natural hair color is blonde. Yes, I own up to that.

Happy Easter?

Kevin had to work this morning (seriously bless all of you who live with people who don’t work 9-5’s…I hate it and empathize with you) so I wanted to find a Lutheran church to go to so I could take communion and actually know the words to the hymns and everything else. We have been going to catholic church a lot because we have to do our premarital classes through a catholic church here, so it was nice to feel at home (and take communion!) at a Lutheran church again this morning.

Even if I was late.

And even if I sat by myself and looked like a loser.

Which, by the way, prompted a very nice husband and wife to come up to me after the service to ask if I was new and after chatting for a bit, I discovered she and her husband are doing the whole one is Lutheran, one is Catholic thing. And I also met the pastor who was excited to hear I was from St. Louis and went to Valpo! Kevin and I will definitely be going back. 🙂

Kevin got off work this afternoon and we went out for a run in this gorgeous 60-degree weather and now we’re he’s hoping Duke pulls out a win. Tonight, we’re grilling out and going to enjoy our patio! We miss being with our families on this holiday but we’re there in spirit!

Happy Easter!


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