Brendan’s Graduation!

Woo! My baby brother graduated from high school on Friday!

I am just so so so so SO proud of him. I can’t believe he’s going off to college in a couple of months!

He’ll be attending Missouri State University in Springfield, MO and will probably be studying something computer-related, but he hasn’t quite decided yet.

My mom, dad and I were very anxious in the stands waiting for his name to be called, and after a nice prayer and some great speeches, the diplomas were handed out!

Proud family!

When I graduated high school and college, my parents took a picture of Brendan wearing my cap, so we had to do it for Brendan’s graduation!

(It’s hilarious to look at the progression of Brendan’s height over the last five years.)

High school graduation

College graduation


After the ceremony, the whole family went out to eat at The Pasta House. Wahoo! You know it’s one of my favorites.

A good family friend (hi Julie!) is neighbors with one of the managers at The Pasta House and Julie sent her my blog post about The Pasta House salad awhile ago. Well, when we were there on Friday night, the manager mentioned reading my blog and she gave me THREE bottles of The Pasta House dressing. Omgsogood. Isn’t that sweet of her?!

After dinner, we dropped Brendan off at Project Graduation. Our high school (Lutheran North) hosts a lock-in on graduation night and I remember having an absolute blast at mine. He ended up having a great day and sleeping most of the morning before leaving for a friend’s graduation party Saturday afternoon.

While Brendan had graduation parties to go to, mom, dad and I decided to take the girls out on the BOAT! I LOVE OUR FAMILY’S BOAT and it’s been a year since I was last on it.

There’s seriously nothing better.


It was Gracie’s first time on our family’s boat and only second time swimming, so we put Nala’s life jacket on her just in case.

So fun!

Me and my momma!

And then we came home from a day on the water and my dad cooked us an awesome meal. I just love being home!

Now I’m back in Des Moines, but my ride home wasn’t uneventful by any means.

Today, I was pulled over for the first time in my driving career and got my first speeding ticket. BUMMER.

I was going 77 in a 65, but was going DOWNHILL and passing a friggin’ truck. I always thought this is how it went when you got pulled over:

Cop: “Hi, do you know why you were pulled over?”

Driver: “Oh, was I speeding? I didn’t realize I was going over the speed limit. I never go over the speed limit!”

Cop: “Well yes, you were going 77 mph in a…”

Driver: “77! I had no idea I was going that fast – I’m so sorry! I was just trying to get back home before my [class/church meeting/insert other excuse] began. I was actually coming home from my younger brother’s high school graduation…I’m so proud.”

Cop: “Oh, I see. Well seeing as this is your first time being pulled over, I’ll give you a warning this time. But slow down in the future.”

Driver: “Thanks!!”

Or, scenario two:

Cop: “Hi…do you know why I…”

Driver: “[Bawling] Omggggg [sobbing] I had no idea [blubbering] I was speeding! [Sniffling] please don’t give me a ticket, please!”

Cop: “Warning. Drive slower next time.”

But this is how it really went:

Cop: “Hi ma’am, I clocked you going 77 in a 65.”

Me: “Oh, sir, I’m so sor…”

Cop: “License and insurance please.”

Me: “[Hands it over while trying to explain…but he walks away and goes to his car.]”

Cop: “Here’s your ticket, please pay it within 30 days.”

Me: “Ummm…okay.”

WHAT?! I thought that people got out of tickets in real life!

Yes, shouldn’t have been speeding but still. You better believe I didn’t go over 70 the rest of the way back to DSM, which is probably why it took me nearly six hours to get back.

But, I’m not letting this ticket ruin my weekend because it was SO fantastic to see my brother graduate and I had a wonderful time with my family. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

(More NYC recaps coming this week…I wanted to write about my brother’s graduation first. :))



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