Buffalo Chicken Wings

I am just like my parents in every single way of my being. Every quirk or thing I do, is either similar to my mom or dad. Good thing both of them are great cooks, because I’d be doomed if they weren’t. Growing up, my dad made amazing chicken wings from scratch. We would make wings for special games like the Superbowl and Winter Classics. Basically, you knew it was an important game if dad made wings.

Last night, my little brother had his first high school hockey playoff game, so Kevin and I decided to make a big plate of wings while we watched the game broadcast live online. The recipe isn’t complicated, but there are quite a few steps, so I’ll try to outline them as best I can.

Ingredients –

  • Wings (about 3 lbs. feeds us and gives us leftovers for a couple days)
  • Oil (for frying – nobody said this was healthy!)
  • 1 stick butter
  • 1 bottle hot sauce (I love Franks)
  • Bread of your choice
  • Ranch (or blue cheese – whatever you like)
  • S&P
Instructions –
  • Cut up wings (or have butcher do it for you – see below)
  • Get oil hot (heat to 350 degrees)
  • Place wings in oil (about 1-2 inches apart) and cook for 3 minutes on each side
  • Place on paper towels to drain excess oil
  • On medium heat, melt 1 stick of butter and 1 bottle hot sauce. Stir until thick.
  • Place bread in the oven (I sprinkle each piece with garlic salt and pepper) and cook at 250 degrees for 10 minutes

When you buy wings, you’ll have to separate the drummies from the rest of the wing. It can be difficult, especially with dull knives, so I had the butcher at Hy-Vee do this for me. If you do it at home, here’s a great tutorial.

Above is the set up I have when I cook wings. I have two separate tongs (one for raw chicken, one for cooked chicken) and a rack to set the wings on when they are done.

This isn’t the best picture (above), but you want about a half of an inch of oil. The wings shouldn’t be completely submerged under the oil because you’ll flip them halfway through cooking.

My favorite trick to test oil, is to put the end of a wooden spoon at the bottom of the pan (shown above). If it sizzles, the oil is ready. Be careful that it doesn’t smoke, that means the oil is too hot. Turn your heat down and test again a few minutes later.

Be careful not to over crowd the skillet. Also make sure to put a lid on right away or it will splatter all over!

With 3 lbs. of wings, I cooked them in four batches. While they were cooking, I got the hot sauce ready! It’s really simple – just 1 stick of butter and 1 bottle of hot sauce.

When one batch was done, I put the wings in the sauce and coated them. Then, I placed them in a pan and put them in the oven with the bread to keep them nice and warm.


Finger-lickin’ good!

The perfect meal – wings, bread, celery and ranch, beer and of course, lots of paper towels! It would be great to make for Superbowl tomorrow!! 😉

In other news, we got a ton of snow today, so Miss Grace and I enjoyed some time outside.  She LOVED it! We let her off the leash (eeeeek!) and had her chase snowballs. It was awesome because she has been sound asleep ever since.

Anyways, who is ready for the big game tomorrow?! Frankly, I could care less who wins. I’m more excited about the M-I-Z-Z-O-U game in three hours than the Superbowl. Hopefully the chili I plan to make tomorrow puts me in a football mood! 🙂

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