Bunbury Festival 2015

Well well well! Where should we start? Perhaps camping from Memorial Day weekend? Well, bad news. Still haven’t gotten the pictures developed. Seriously, how did we do it in 1999? Going to the store to develop pictures? What a pain in the ass! But I promise, I’ll do it soon.

So let’s back to track two weeks ago to Bunbury Festival 2015. We were originally supposed to go to Buffalo that weekend to visit our bestie Sara because she’s doing her occupational therapy rotation up there for the summer, but she was coming home the following weekend so we didn’t go. Since we had a whole weekend with no plans, we bought tickets to Bunbury Festival to see some awesome bands. Or at least, we tried to see some awesome bands.


But first, we got stuck in traffic getting to Cincinnati. And then, once we got into downtown, we had to park. And then, once we parked two miles away, we waited in line to get into the Festival for ONE HOUR. An entire hour of waiting in line. This isn’t Disney World, Bunbury!

We couldn’t have gotten beers fast enough, but oh wait, we had to wait in another line. There was line to get money. To get food. To go to the bathroom. There were all the lines! And all the crowds. The venue was just not big enough for the amount of people they had, and it was incredibly frustrating. (Not to mention the lack of cell service. Hello, #anxiety.)

BUT, the two bands that we saw (yes, two. The lines/crowds were so bad, we only saw two full performances. I kid you not.), were amazing. Namely, Matt & Kim.


They’re such rockstars. I can’t even explain it in words.


The saving grace of the evening (besides Matt & Kim), was the Gold Star food truck + two free coneys. We inhaled.


So we saw Matt & Kim, drank a lot of beer and stood in the crowd to wait for The Black Keys when the rain started. And when it rains, it pours. We tried to use our janky program as an umbrella but as you can imagine, that lasted um…10 seconds.

So we made friends shared our flask with the guys next to us who let us under their blanket-turned-umbrella.


But an hour later, the sky opened and The Black Keys killed it and finished off our evening better than we imagined it would end!


Now…is it time for Forecastle yet?

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