Busy Bee

Sorry I’ve been a little absent. We have been busy bees over here so far this July.

It rained and rained and rained some more on the Fourth of July so we didn’t do too much, other than a few wedding-related things (like ordering our invites!).

On Friday, Danny & Sara moved into their apartment down here (!!!!!!!!!!!!). While Sara won’t be living here officially until next week, it’s still awesome to have two of our best friends, oh you know, 15 minutes away. We hung out with their families and helped get them settled all weekend.

On Tuesday, Kevin’s two good friends from high school, Chandler and Kevin, stopped by for dinner. We went to Mark’s Feed Store for dinner (highly recommended) and we had a great time catching up.

Last night, Kev and I had these great plans to get so much done around the house before the weekend, but that did not happen because we were somehow talked into dining at Hooters with our friends. Seriously. And three hours later, we left. Worst. Dining. Experience. Ever. (ever)

So today we’re scrambling because we are both heading out of town this weekend. Kevin is leaving for his bachelor party tomorrow with the guys in New Orleans! So incredibly jealous. I hope one of them remembers to bring me back a beignet, though! They’re going to have a blast.

Meanwhile, I’m heading up to Chicago/Indiana for my good friend Jess’ wedding. I can’t wait to see some of my college besties!

So tonight we have all of Kevin’s groomsmen coming in town, including a trip up to Indy to pick one of them up from the airport, as well as a trip halfway to Cincinnati so I can meet Kevin’s mom and sister so they can watch Gracie this weekend.

All the while, Gracie decided to roll in poop this morning which meant she got a bath before 8 a.m., she also got stung by a bee (I think), and I had to kill the most terrifying bug I’ve ever seen. On my own. Without Kevin’s help. I nearly didn’t survive.

Needless to say, I am READY for the weekend to begin!

I’m also really ready for it to be Christmas so I can go see this movie:


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