Can it be Taco Night Every Night?


Pretty please?

I love tacos. Actually, I love all types of Mexican food. I could eat it every day and a simple ground-beef taco was just what I was in the mood for tonight.

I started by cooking 1 lb. of ground beef on the stove and stirred in 1 packet of taco seasoning (plus some water). Once the beef was done, I added all my toppings which included:

Of course I had one of these. (P.S. How cute are these glasses?! My friend Katie got them for me awhile ago and I’ve been meaning to use them more often! Thanks, Katie! :)):

Dinner was super easy to make and now I feel the movie Horrible Bosses calling my name. Ready for some laughter!

Happy weekend!

P.S. Again..if you live in the Midwest, please pay attention to the weather tomorrow. There are a lot of high risk areas and it’s important that everyone be prepared for anything. At least have a plan for where to go and what to have with you if you need to take cover. Stay safe, friends!

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One thought on “Can it be Taco Night Every Night?

  1. This post inspired me to make tacos! I haven’t had any good Mexican food since I got here, so I thought it was time to make my own.

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