“Cardinals are World Series Champions!” And “Meet Gracie!”

Before I introduce everyone to our new puppy, I just want to say how proud I am to be a St. Louisan! Woooooo Cardinals are the World Series Champs!! I was so excited Friday night – I was just a ball of joy. After being down so many games in August and beating the best teams in the MLB, we did it! Still so excited!!

Now for the stuff every non-Cards fan cares about: puppy!

We picked her up Saturday from the shelter and we fell in love at first sight. Her face is just the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. I took this picture right when we got her and we were trying to put her collar on:

We had to drive about an hour and a half to the shelter and we were both worried about the car ride home, but she slept the entire time. Sound asleep! It was great. πŸ™‚

We took her to PetSmart to get some goodies and everyone stopped to pet her. She loved the attention. I put some more pictures up on my Facebook page!

Being a new dog-parent is hard. We feel like we have to watch her at all times because she isn’t potty-trained yet (any good tips?) and putting her in her crate at night is absolutely heart-breaking. The first couple nights were horrible – she cried for about 5 minutes, but it felt like hours. Last night she whined for about 30 seconds and slept soundly the entire night. Let’s pray this keeps up.

Any tips, dog parents? We’ll take all that we can get!

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3 thoughts on ““Cardinals are World Series Champions!” And “Meet Gracie!”

  1. Crate training is the best when it comes to potty training. I assume since you and Kevin are both working that she spends time in her crate. The first thing to do when you let her out of the crate is take her outside. She’ll learn that is where to go to the bathroom. Dogs don’t go to the bathroom in their crate because it’s also their bed. That’s my suggestion. Oh and when i was potty training Zoey, I always got really animated when she went. I’d tell her how good she was and what not, clap my hands, get down on her level and love on her. She then understood she did a good thing. Never rub a dog’s nose in an accident in the house. It doesn’t teach them that they shouldn’t do it. They don’t understand what you’re doing. They’re sensitive too, so I’d try not to yell but have a stern voice when she is misbehaving. If you catch her in the act of going to the bathroom, say no (calmly) and take her outside. That’s just what I’ve used and what I know most people have success with. Hope potty training goes easily!

    • Thanks for the comment and suggestions, Stacy! We have been taking her out as soon as we get home and we praise her so much when she goes (it’s a little obnoxious). Really appreciate all your tips!!

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