Catching up

Sadly, I don’t have much of a moving/house update or a wedding update from my last couple of posts!

We’re basically looking for houses online and planning a trip to Louisville in October to go look in person.

And wedding stuff is moving along, just slowly. Our goal for this week is to talk to our potential priest and find a church. We’d also like to schedule our catering tasting for the next time we’re in STL because the food we pick determines our food budget, and the food budget is a large part of our costs. Follow all that?

I never realized how many moving parts there are to wedding planning! I just thought you do everything one by one, but you really have to be strategic, especially if you’re sticking to a budget.

So since I don’t have any personal wedding updates, I wanted to share two little crafts I made for Katie’s wedding! (Yes, I’ll be talking about her wedding for years. It was that awesome.) I completely forgot to include these when I talked about mine and Jess’ craft night last month, so I wanted to include them tonight before I forgot!

Every bride needs a bride shirt! All of the ones I saw from stores like Victoria’s Secret were white and because this was for her bachelorette party, I wanted it to be hot pink and customizable, so I made her one!

The front said ‘bride’ of course.

And the back said “Team Schur!” We thought of different sayings like, “Mrs. Schur” or “It’s a Schur Thing” (my personal favorite recommendation from Miss Jackie K) but I sadly didn’t have enough letters for “It’s a Schur Thing” and we thought “Team Schur” was equally as cute (especially because Jake is a huge sports fan).

I think she liked it!

I also made the bridesmaids invitations out of scrapbooking paper. Nothing too exciting or special, but now that it’s over I wanted to share.

And all of the bridesmaids (and Katie!) received a goodie bag that included flip flops from Old Navy (which is what I was trying to buy when Kevin proposed!) and sunglasses, which we all realized ended up being 3-D glasses, which became hilarious after a few drinks.

And for her actual wedding, I made her and Jake Bride and Groom sides to go on their sweetheart table. I thought about buying something from Etsy, but I saw these two wood blocks at Michaels and I knew some paint and ribbon would make it look nice and perrrrty.

Her colors, pink and navy were the colors I used (obviously).

Then I simply hot glued the navy ribbon to the back of the blocks. I wasn’t sure what the chairs looked like so I made the ribbon extra long.

I found a font I liked online and printed out the letters. I couldn’t trace them so over the course of two hours, I very carefully outlined the words with pencil and then went over the pencil with my navy paint. I was so impressed at how steady my hand was the entire time and a big navy streak didn’t end up across the front.

Ta da! The Beechwood Hotel (where the reception was) put the signs on the front of the table since nobody would ever walk behind them.

I promise I’m done with crafts…for now…Jess and I may be making another wreath and Chris may be working on some cornhole boards!

In the meantime, I’ll finally recap mine and Kevin’s trip to Minneapolis!

I had to go for work and it just worked out with Kevin’s schedule that he was able to go along with me! We left early Sunday morning and got to Ikea by noon. Score! We didn’t find anything spectacular to buy for our tiny apartment (remember, we didn’t know about Louisville yet), but we still had fun walking around. I can’t get enough of this store!

Then we headed across the street to Mall of America. (Yes, Ikea and Mall of America are across the street from each other. Heaven on a block!) We didn’t do any major shopping, but it was fun to go inside so we can say we’ve been there.

After all of that fun, we headed to our hotel and took a nap before dinner! I grabbed my very first “fall” beer of the season – a Sam Adams Octoberfest. So delicious!

Then we walked to 8th Street Grill for dinner. I, of course, tried their nachos and was less than pleased. 🙁

But Kevin thoroughly enjoyed his burger!

We found out about Kevin’s promotion on Monday after my work event and Monday night we headed to our friend Jake & Rachel’s to watch football (and talk weddings)!

It was a really fun weekend and I’m glad Kevin and I were able to go on a little getaway, even if I did have to work during part of it.

I’m off to get ready for Private Practice and bed – I have a little sinus infection/head cold and I’m trying really hard to not let it get any worse by getting plenty of sleep (read: in bed by 9 p.m.). 😉

(P.S. The new Mumford album is unbelievable. On. Repeat.)

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