Christmas Number Three

Before I get to our third and final Christmas of 2014, I totally forgot to recap our New Year’s Eve! Well, the below pictures sums it up. Kev had to work, so we just laid low and hung out with our friends Danny & Sara and Sara’s family. And we ate. A lot. No better way to ring in the New Year than with Skyline dip, taco dip, ranch dip and spinach/asparagus dip.


A few days after NYE, we headed to St. Louis to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. It’s not a trip to STL without a stop at the first Jack in the Box along I-64 West! These tacos though.


I drove and caught this adorable moment between these two. So presh.


Gracie was thrilled to be in the Lou. She just loves her grandma and grandpa.


Remember how I told you that our tradition is chicken wings, good beer and raunchy movies on Christmas with my side of the family? Repeat!


We woke up on Saturday morning and pretended it was Christmas all over again. We had Bailey’s in our coffee before we dove into the presents.


The girls got a special baggie of treats, which they devoured at record speed.


My parents loved their New Belgium Brewing sign that we got when we were in Colorado back in May. I debated keeping it for ourselves, but my parents have such a great spot for it in their house!


I was apparently really, really shocked to get a new pair of boots for Christmas. Ha ha


Once we finished opening gifts at my parents house, we continued our Christmas day tradition and headed over to my grandparent’s house for breakfast and more presents.


Gracie was spoiled, as usual.


And breakfast was delicious! Eggs, bacon, biscuits and potatoes. Nom.


We finished up at my grandparents just in time to meet up with our friend Mikey for lunch at Schlafly’s Tap Room. He was in town from Milwaukee with friends and I’m so glad we got to catch up because we don’t get to see him too often.


Most of Sunday was spent lounging in our PJs with the pups.




We headed out on Sunday just after the Bengals lost and stopped at Jack in the Box on our way out of town since…you know…we’re addicted to deep-fried tacos.


Third and final Christmas was wonderful!


Year in Review: 2014

If I could pick one word for 2014, I would call it CALM. The past few years have been nothing but hectic. Amazing and fun, but hectic. In 2011, we moved to Des Moines. In 2012, we moved to Louisville. In 2013, we bought a house and got married. This year? Calm. And I loved every minute of it. Let’s take a look!


We rang in the New Year with good friends and I made the resolution to stop hate running (goal: met!). We had Kevin’s family visit us to celebrate Christmas and Kevin took me to my first NFL playoff game/first NFL outdoor game. We kicked homeownership’s ass by building shelves for our garage. I had the absolute worst experiences of air travel to Chicago and DC for work. Like, the worst. Oh, and I turned 25!



We made a headboard! We also celebrated one year of homeownership with some tips and advice for the fellow newbies. We had a rough February weather-wise…so much ice, but we were able to escape Louisville and visit New York, NY for a long weekend vacation with our friends Katie and Jake (but not without more airline hell). Oh, I nearly finished putting away our wedding gifts and recapping our wedding here on the blog (I know…four months later).

photo 1 (1)


I wrote about how hard it is to exercise as an adult vs. a high school athlete, and many of you agreed. I made a delicious lasagna, perfect for two and we ate our way around St. Louis on a trip home. My family and Kevin’s family came to visit us and we celebrated my dad’s, Kevin’s mom’s and Brendan’s girlfriend’s birthdays. We also got so sick of winter, that we decided to camp at a nearby camp ground just so we could pretend summer was close (it was also Gracie’s first camping trip and our first time with our own gear).



I kicked off April with surprise surgery on my toe. No bueno. We went to the Cincinnati Reds vs. Bats game here in Louisville and my friend Julia came down for a day to visit. We planted grass. It didn’t grow. But, we continued working on our bedroom decorations and we hung string lights over our deck, which is my favorite part about our house by far. Obsessed! And we ended the month by seeing OAR play live downtown.



May was a big month for us. I accepted a new position at a PR firm here in Louisville, which meant I no longer worked from home. It was the best decision I had made in a long time. Kevin had a work trip, so I went to St. Louis for a few days while I still had the luxury of working from anywhere. We spent a weekend sprucing up the yard and headed out on our big road trip out west! A vacation of a lifetime.



On the blog, June may have looked boring, but we finished up our road trip out west and I started my new job! We ran the Color Run 5K with Danny, Sara, Sara’s sisters and my brother, which was a blast. We also went to a Downs after Dark horserace at Churchill downs and I went to Sara’s bachelorette party in Cincinnati.



We celebrated 4th of July at home with a BBQ with Kevin’s family and Danny and Sara. I worked Forecastle Festival, which was amazing, and we signed up for the 2015 Disney World Princess Half Marathon. Ah! Sara and I enjoyed some pool time and we sipped on many margaritas out on the patio of El Mundo.



August started out as the best month ever because our friend Peter came to visit and our best friends Danny and Sara got hitched! But it went downhill quickly when Kevin left to work in Kansas City for almost a month, Peter went back home and Danny and Sara left to go on their honeymoon…all on the same day. Oh, and I was sick for the entire month with a sinus infection/bronchitis that wouldn’t go away. And I didn’t run at all because I had shin splints. But, I went to St. Louis and KC to visit Kev, so that made it a bit better. Needless to say, I was so happy when August was over.



I had never been so happy for September to arrive! It was start of my favorite season and my husband was back home. My month of illnesses went away and I was finally able to get back to running. We went on an amazing float trip with Danny and Sara (Gracie’s first float!). Gracie got a puppy cousin and I couldn’t get enough of her. We ventured up to Des Moines for our friends Lindsey and Jared’s wedding, I made deeelicious spicy chicken sandwiches and we paid off one of our student loans!



I continued training and made an incredibly easy, and delicious pan-fried salmon dish. We went on one last camping trip with my family and Sara’s family, which was a blast. Halloween was fun and low-key, and we celebrated our one-year anniversary with a trip to Asheville, NC!



We kicked off this month with a trip to Cincinnati to see Andrew McMahon perform. We celebrated Kevin’s dad, like we do every year, with a new-to-us pizza place. My best friend from college, Kristina, and her boyfriend Tyler, surprised me with a visit and we had both of our families in town for Thanksgiving!



Half marathon training continued and I officially started the long run portion of my training. We decorated for Christmas while enjoying a few beers, and I had a girl’s night out with Sara and ate the best sushi. We also went up to Chicago to visit friends, I got to see my baby brother and we celebrated our first Christmas at our home!


Thanks for a wonderful and CALM year, 2014. We can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.

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