Asheville Anniversary Trip: Day Two

Our second morning in Asheville started pretty early because we had a lot planned and wanted to fit it all in without feeling rushed. We ate breakfast and walked around the resort first thing so we could see everything we missed from the day before. Can I get this fireplace in my backyard? Anyone? Anyone?


I just can’t get over how pretty it is!


Here’s a photo of the lobby, in case you were curious. ;)


It also has a lovely bar and an area for live music, which we enjoyed later that night.


OH! And this hotel is partially famous because F. Scott Fitzgerald stayed here for two years to write. And this was his chair.


Once we were done with our mini tour, we ventured out to Biltmore Estate. WOWZA. Unbelievable.


It’s the largest privately owned home in the United States and was built in 1985. There are no words to describe how cool it was, but I’ll try!


Biltmore Estate sits on 8,000 (yes, eight THOUSAND) acres, has 178,000+ square feet, has 250 rooms and 43 bathrooms. Forty. Three. Bathrooms.


They didn’t let us take photos inside, but we were blown away by the self guided tour. The decor, furnishings, etc. was all so incredible…it really is hard to explain. All I can say is…go! This is a must do in Asheville.


Not only is the house itself amazing, there are thousands of acres full of Olmsted (guy who designed Central Park!) gardens that were just breathtaking.




Oh, and let’s not forget the lake.


Complete with a waterfall.


As if it didn’t get any better than that, there is a winery on the grounds which features 20 or so different wines. And guess what? Complimentary tastings! Sold. We were having a really rough Monday at this point.


We purchased a bottle of their merlot and headed off to lunch. One last time: go to Biltmore. Really!

Lunch was at Wicked Weed, a local brewery. We loved it! The whole place was super dog friendly (it made me miss Grace), and the food/beer was excellent.


We couldn’t have asked for better weather.



After lunch, we were full and tired, so we went back to the Grove Park Inn and took a fat nap. And it was like heaven! Once we woke up, we headed down to the fitness center area for a few games of racquetball. Kevin and I used to play all the time in college and even though he beats me every single time, it’s always a blast. (I think I got up to four points in one game!)


We considered racquetball our workout for the day, which made pizza and beer a totally acceptable decision for dinner. We went to Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company thanks to a recommendation from my coworker and we loved it!



So we woke up to gorgeous weather, toured an amazing home, went wine tasting, ate a delicious lunch, took a nap, worked out, and ate pizza and drank beer. That’s a perfect day in my book.

What better way to finish it off than by a fire?


The Grove Park Inn had the fire going that evening so we sat in two rocking chairs, poured ourselves a bottle of wine and read through all of our wedding cards that we received. I had forgotten some of the sweet messages left by family and friends!


OH. And while going through the cards, we found an unused Target gift card! How cool is that?


We sat by the fire until it was nearly out and woke up to perfect weather once again. We grabbed Starbucks for breakfast and sat out on Sunset Terrace to enjoy the views one last time.


Kevin had to nearly drag me to the car because I never wanted to leave! Thank you Asheville and Grove Park Inn for an amazing anniversary trip. We will be back!


Asheville Anniversary Trip: Day One

Kevin and I decided that instead of gifts, we should take a little trip out east to visit Asheville for our one year anniversary and I’m SO glad we did. We had heard wonderful things about the small town in North Carolina, but neither of us had ever been. I think it’s safe to say it’s now one of our all-time favorite towns. We had the absolute BEST time. I cannot say enough good things about what we did, where we stayed or where we ate.

We stayed at The Omni Grove Park Inn and it is hands down the nicest, most relaxing place we’ve ever stayed.


This hotel is over 101 years old, and perfectly combines old and new. We stayed in the Vanderbilt Wing, the newly renovated area. Our room was so comfortable and the turndown service with lavender sheet spray each evening made it feel nice and romantic. (I most definitely took home the spray they left in our room and have used it every night since!)


And the bathrooms! Wow. I want to remodel my home bathrooms to look exactly like the bathrooms at the Omni Grove.


When we first arrived, we were given a room that overlooked the utility area, so we called the front desk and kindly asked if they had anything better. They delivered! Our new room had a gorgeous view overlooking the spa area, and we could see the resort out of one side and mountains out of the other.




Speaking of the spa…let’s talk about it for a minute, shall we? It is world renowned and even though we did not get a chance to book a treatment there, we made sure to walk around in the area to explore a bit. I was blown away just by the spa gift shop, I kid you not! Next time I go to Asheville, I’m JUST staying at the Grove Park Inn and JUST booking spa treatments. (That’s after I win the lottery, you guys.) But really, read more about the spa if you have a minute. You’ll feel relaxed just learning about it.


Even though we didn’t check out the spa this time, we did explore most that the hotel has to offer. First of all, staying at the Grove Park Inn is worth it for this view alone.




As soon as we checked into our room and got settled, we changed for dinner and headed up to the Sunset Terrace to enjoy a beer before eating.


It was in this moment in time that I decided I was never leaving Asheville. The view. Perfect weather. My husband. A local brew. It was my version of heaven. (Kevin may or may not have dragged me into the car when it was time to leave.)


Oh, and I just have to mention that they serve dinner out on the Sunset Terrace and this is the view. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize all of its gloriousness, and we had already made reservations at a local place in town. Next time, next time.


Okay, so let’s talk dinner. We had heard amazing things about Curate, a Spanish tapas restaurant right in downtown Asheville so I made reservations as soon as possible to make sure we got in since we wanted our “nice” dinner to be on our actual anniversary. Worth it!


It was our first time eating at an authentic tapas restaurant, so we made sure to order a ton of food to really get a sample of everything. We ended up ordering five dishes to share, which was the perfect amount! That shrimp was to die for. Get. the. shrimp.


Our waitress heard it was our anniversary so she brought out a special dessert that’s not even on the menu! It was paper-thin molded dark chocolate with nuts and sea salt. Even though I’m not a chocolate fan, this was delish.



After dinner, we headed back to our resort to split a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company. And by enjoy each other’s company, I mean watch the Sunday Night Football game at Edison, one of the resort’s bars. BEST wife ever, amiright?

I wasn’t complaining too much…I had a half a bottle of wine to enjoy. And this guy. ;).


As we were enjoying our last glass, our waiter brought our a special anniversary dessert for us as a surprise!


And the dessert was macaroons! My favorite.


They were handmade and SO tasty.


It was such a special touch to end our very first anniversary.

Well, I was going to try to fit our short three-day trip into one blog post but I am the queen of writing long-winded trip recaps soooo day two coming soon!

The Omni Grove Park Inn graciously offered us a discounted stay rate. All thoughts are completely my own. It really is that amazing.