In Between Two Cities

There’s so much to catch up on so I figure I’d start from here, when I left Louisville at the end of June and moved in with my parents to start my new job. So during this time period, I was back and forth between Louisville and St. Louis a lot to get the house ready to go on the market and figure out our move/storage situation.

My first week in St. Louis was a little rough. The car ride from Louisville to STL after this night was horrible. I was not only hungover, but so, so sad to leave Kevin and all of our friends. But, I knew that it was all going to work out so I was optimistic.

Moving in with your parents as a married 27-year-old is weird. I mean, I’m lucky because my parents are legit awesome. They’re so fun, totally chill and I’m super close with them. But still. I went from owning my own house to moving back into my childhood bedroom. It’s not all bad…they would bring me coffee in bed! ūüėČ


It was a little eerie driving into my first day of work. It was just five years ago that I walked away from the same place that I was driving back to, which I never thought I’d get do.


But, it was incredible! Some things have changed tremendously but at the same time, oddly enough, it felt very similar.


It was hard being away from Kevin and home for so much of July, but my work was great with my schedule and let me work from home in Louisville quite often. But on those weeks when I was in St. Louis, I got plenty of girl time with the pups! (My parents are so graciously watching Gracie for us while we’re in transition. We felt this would be best for her, as she wouldn’t have to move from her home, to¬†temporary housing to new house, plus all that travel¬†between Lou and STL so much.)


On the weeks I did go back to Louisville, I was like a giddy little kid. I couldn’t wait to get back home and see my hubby! We spent many nights out enjoying our favorite spots in the city before we left for good.


We also made sure to spend as much time as possible with Danny and Sara! This meant many, many euchre nights.


And, every night possible under the party lights on the back deck.


We spent a lot of nights together doing paperwork, especially when it came to selling our house. But, that’s a whole other story. ūüėČ



Dining Through St. Louis

Hi Friends! Before I get into tonight’s post, I need to ask if I could get a few extra prayers tonight and tomorrow for my grandma. She’s been having some GI issues – colitis – but they think she may need surgery. We won’t know for sure if she’ll need surgery tomorrow until, well, tomorrow. Prayers are definitely appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Tonight was my definition of a “me” night. Kevin worked late, we didn’t go house hunting or out to eat, and I treated myself to a mani/pedi.

Pro tip: find a mani/pedi place that offers free wine. Makes all the difference.


But backing up a little bit, ever since we got to St. Louis, we’ve been so busy. We spending all of our free time after work looking at houses. Honestly, tonight was the first night since moving here that I haven’t had anything I absolutely had¬†to do, which was wonderful.

Since we’ve been out and about looking at houses in the evenings and on weekends, we’ve eaten out our fair share. Granted, I love trying new restaurants, but it was so nice to eat a home cooked meal tonight!

So, where all have we been? To start, we ventured over to Retreat Gastropup in the Central West End (CWE). We walked to it from our temporary apartment which was so fun! I felt like I was living in a real city again!


I got their classic burger which was perfectly cooked and half of it made for excellent leftovers the next day. The salad on the left was the real winner though. Those pecans were addicting!


Next up? International Tap House (iTap). Also within walking distance, iTap is home to tons of craft beers on tap which is right up our alley.


On our second official night in town, we went to the Cardinals game with Kevin’s new coworkers! We played the Reds, and we lost, which was horrible since Kevin is from Cincinnati and he gloated all night.


One weekend when we were out and about house hunting, we stopped at Hacienda on Manchester. We had been there many times before, but this time wasn’t so great. We weren’t too impressed with our food. But, the margs were good!


But, speaking of good Mexican food. Kevin and I have now eaten at Tortillaria in the CWE twice now! The cheese enchiladas at this place are SO CLOSE to what Casa’s taste like. (Casa closed down a few years ago, but it’s where my parent’s met and I grew up eating here. It’s hands down, my favorite restaurant in the entire world.)


On a little bit of a healthier note, we had lunch one Saturday at Bar Louie in Kirkwood between houses. This salad was my everything. Pears. Pecans. Blue cheese. Balsamic. Gimmie dis every day.


As you can see, we’ve certainly eaten around St. Louis a bunch so far! #perdiemFTW

But, we’ve also eaten some good meals over and my mom and dad’s house. Gracie’s 5th birthday was on Monday (!) so we went over to my parent’s to celebrate with her. We’re the world’s worst dog parents and didn’t get her anything. Thankfully, grandma came through in the clutch and Gracie got a new bone and toy. Aren’t grand-pup-ma’s the best?