Last night Kevin and I were finally able to spend some time together and since the Cards weren’t playing and football wasn’t on, we decided to go out to dinner! We picked Centro because we’ve heard excellent things about it and it’s often ranked as the top restaurant in Des Moines.

I couldn’t decide what to wear, a problem I often have, so I resorted to Pinterest. I didn’t want anything too fancy, like a dress, but I didn’t want to just wear jeans and a top.

This led to some inspiration and I ended up throwing on some black pants, a comfy top, a cotton blazer and my boots.

Might I add that I did not go for the see-through look like my inspiration?

Might I also add how awkward it is to have your picture taken by yourself?

And lastly, this is not, nor will it ever become, a fashion blog. I’ve just somehow managed to pull together two decent-looking outfits (which look strikingly similar) and I think that’s something to brag about.

We got to Centro and ordered drinks right away – 312 Urban Wheat for me, Miller Lite for him and we chowed on the bread. Their bread, same as South Union Bread Cafe‘s bread, is the best! Garlic Focaccia yum.

We studied the menu long and hard, up and down.

I immediately realized that I wanted either their Wood-Grilled Faroe Island Salmon or Chicken Francese, both involved a lemon butter sauce. Kevin pointed out that I always order something like that, and cook it at home quite often. After looking for a few more minutes, we decided to order something that we would normally not ever order…including our appetizer!

I was totally all for getting their toasted ravs (called Fried Ravioli at Centro), but we always get those when they’re available, so we opted for their salad special of the night, complete with arugula, toasted almonds, cranberries, ricotta salata and topped with honey vinaigrette. 

It was absolutely delicious! So delicious in fact, that we bought arugula and almonds at Hy-Vee today to recreate it.

For dinner, Kevin ended up ordering something completely out of character. When we go out to eat, I can almost guarantee Kevin will order some sort of seafood (salmon or shrimp typically) or pasta with white sauce. Last night, he ordered their Kill-Bill Pork Tenderloin, “The Five-Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Sandwich“, which contained crispy tenderloin, ham, bacon, pepperjack cheese, red onion, a sunny side up egg and garlic mayo on a toasted ciabatta bun. It was crazy delicious looking.

After a lot of thinking, I ordered their Chicken Saltimbocca, which was chicken breasts, Marsala wine sauce, fresh sage, prosciutto, wild mushroom, mozzarella and fettuccini Alfredo. 

It was PRETTY darn delicious and I had leftovers, which made for an awesome lunch this afternoon!

The verdict on everything? I’m so glad we decided to get something out of the box and I think Centro was the perfect place to do that (I’m convinced nothing in that restaurant tastes bad). It’s a little bit pricier than your average restaurant (my chicken was $20 for example), but I think it’s worth it for a fun date night or if you have guests from out of town to entertain.

After dinner, we went to the Sculpture Park to walk around because we had never been and we wanted to do it before we left.

It was so beautiful! I ran up to the alphabet man sculpture, Nomade, and hopped right on him for a picture. I was so excited to finally see this in person because I’ve seen so many pictures of it! We took a couple pictures and when I got down, I THEN noticed the big fat sign that said “No climbing or sitting. Area under video surveillance.”

AH OOPS! I felt terrible. So terrible, that I deleted the picture of me sitting on him.

I’m sorry, Nomade. 🙁

We scooted out of there fast and since we weren’t ready to just go sit at home after dinner, we headed to Wellman’s to grab a couple of drinks.

Every time I go to Wellman’s, I think about how amazing our family and friends are. I still can’t get enough of that night.

I wanted to grab a coaster, a glass or something that said Wellman’s on it to frame or keep, but sadly they didn’t have anything like that. Oh well, I’m glad we were able to go one last time before we leave!

Today was one of the most productive days I’ve had in awhile. Kevin and I slept until 11:30…that was AMAZING. I was convinced it wasn’t possible for me to sleep in past 9 a.m. anymore, but I guess I was that tired. We woke up and headed to Hy-Vee to get some groceries for this week. Then we came home and while watching football, we began to clean up a little bit. I organized all of my scrapbooking things and the desk area because those items were in a bunch of different places around our apartment and I want it to all get packed together. Then we vacuumed, dusted and finished up some laundry. I’m telling you – productivity feels so awesome. And if that wasn’t enough, we went for a 2.5 mile run. Naturally, it was hard for me while Kevin wasn’t even out of breath.

We’re off to go to a friend’s house for the Cardinals and Bengals game! Let’s go birds, a clinch tonight would be awesome. 🙂

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